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Every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer. Help us change that statistic.

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Joni PattersonJoni Marie Patterson

(3-11-79 to 11-28-2006)

Joni courageously battled stage IV lung cancer for 8 month prior to her tragic passing. How could this be since Joni was a non smoker, healthy, and 27 years old? Five months after her passing we are still pondering. She was a wonderful sister, wife of 2 years, and mother to her "baby" which was a 80 pound mutt. She loved nature and was able to capture the most beautiful images being that she had a camera in hand at all times. She loved to dance and we often now say "Dance Joni Dance!" because we know that those in heaven have probably already learned a few new steps. You are a hero to hundreds because you faced your illness with courage, dignity, and relentless strength. Your positive attitude amazed us even in the face of death. We love you Joni and we promise to keep up the fight just like you did. We know that you are with us every day and we thank you for the 27 years of wonderful memories you gave to us. Like you always said "Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness" We love you Joni Bolognie!

Your Sister, Family and Friends.




George Steelman

We lost a dear, dear man to this horrible monster. My Papaw, George Steelman, was a wonderful man who fought for his life for 8 months. He was a wonderful man who was loved by many. He would help anyone anyway he could. Heaven really got an Angel when he made it home.



Daniel J Zahn

In Loving Memory of Daniel J Zahn (age 42) who passed away On February 21 from a long courageous fight with Lung Cancer. He was a Loving father who always put his children and family first, and was one of the most devoted Best Friends I could ever ask for....May you be at Peace now My Friend, I will always Love You!


Ken GiddesKen Giddes, Founding Lung Cancer Caring Ambassador

Having shared the eight years of Ken's lung cancer journey with him, and believing at that time that I knew my husband well, there was a side of Ken that would not appear to me until after he passed away. It was only at that moment did I realize what a tremendous impact he made on those who also were suffering from lung cancer.

I received over 350 sympathy cards after Ken died, and most of those cards were from people I had never met. These lung cancer patients were among the 900 names in Ken's data base that he tried to call frequently just to say he was thinking of them and hoped they were doing well. They were so inspired by Ken's deep faith, positive outlook concerning his own medical situation, and encouragement he gave to each and every one of them.

I will never forget one of Ken's lung cancer phone buddies who asked Ken two days before she died, if he would drive two hours to her home in rural Georgia, just so she could meet my husband and hold his hand for one brief moment. Ken came home in tears.

Ken would be so proud to know that the Caring Ambassador Program, which he founded, is growing stronger each and every day, and that his legacy lives on through the hard work of those who loved Ken, and who believe strongly in his mission to help others.

Submitted by Barbara Giddes


Ken was an inspiration, a resource, a friend, a lung cancer survivor who dedicated his life to helping other lung cancer survivors. He helped other survivors by showing them compassion, understanding and by giving them hope. Ken had walked in their shoes. He was always there. He helped hundred's of fellow lung cancer survivors to face their disease and fight it with all their mind, body, heart and soul. He believed each survivor was the CEO of his or her own body.

Ken brought hope to many who had no hope at all. Ken confronted his own disease from a medical, physical, spiritual and emotional viewpoint. He left no stone unturned, and surpassed all expectations. He conveyed that spirit to live and survive to every lung cancer survivor he met.

I have been honored to carry on Ken's legacy and work as a cLung Cancer Caring Ambassador. He is my inspiration and my hope. My life has changed for the better because of Ken. I thank him and I thank God for having known Ken.

Tom Simon
Caring Ambassador and Friend


Andrew St. JohnAndrew L. St. John, PhD (1954-1998)

Andy was so many things to so many people – a loving Daddy, a sweetheart of a husband, a gifted researcher, a generous colleague, a devoted brother, a kind son, a loyal friend. He had a glowing warmth that was undeniable. We were all so lucky to have him in our lives, even if for what seemed like too little time.

Andy’s journey with lung cancer was not an easy one, with multiple metastatic lesion in his brain, liver, and bones. Yet he never lost his sense of humor; he used laughter to help those around him come to grips with having to eventually say goodbye to our “Good Humor Man.”

I cannot tell the world what you meant to us, Andy – that would take volumes, and still the words would be inadequate. You were always so completely alive in everything you did, even in your dying. That vibrant life lives on in the hearts of all you loved and all who loved you – and in no one more so than our “little” girl. She has your light and your warmth - and your humor! Every time she laughs or makes me laugh, your life shines through brighter and warmer than ever.

Submitted by Tina M. St. John

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