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Every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer. Help us change that statistic.

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Ken GiddesFounder's Story, Ken Giddes

Ken Giddes was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 1993 while undergoing exploratory surgery to correct a collapsed lung. During the operation, cancer was found and the lower lobe of his right lung was removed. The pathologist classified the cancer as stage I adenocarcinoma - a form of nonsmall cell lung cancer.

The doctors thought they had removed all of the cancer, and he was not given any radiation or chemotherapy. A year later however, during a follow-up exam, it was discovered the cancer had spread. This time, the diagnosis was stage IV cancer. This was not good news!

He weighed his options. Ken could give up and wait to die, or combat this very deadly disease with all the energy, hope, faith, and positive attitude he could muster. Ken chose the latter approach and, in 1995, had thirty weeks of chemotherapy. He fought the battle - greatly fatigued most of the time and nauseous some of the time - while working full time.

It the end of 1995, Ken's doctors gave him great news: his many tumors had completely disappeared - and the cancer was in remission. Subsequently, he received frequent CT scans, along with complete medical checkups.

However, in 1999, the cancer returned and Ken went through chemotherapy again. He was placed on a clinical trial drug and while on the drug, Ken passed away on January 27, 2001.

As a stage IV lung cancer survivor of over four years, Ken was the first and founding Caring Ambassador. He dedicated the last years of his life to helping others with lung cancer and other cancers.

Ken was our mentor and the epitome of a Caring Ambassador, reaching out to others who are struggling to survive a life-changing, life-threatening illness. Ken was and still is our inspiration. He inspires us today to continue the Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program (CAP Lung Cancer) and the Caring Ambassadors Hepatitis C Program (CAP Hepatitis C), and to go out and encourage other companies and organizations to establish their own or a similar Caring Ambassadors Program.

To Ken and all the patient advocates working tirelessly around the world for their respective causes, we thank you.

Surviving cancer isn't easy, but Ken did it with excellent treatment, careful monitoring by trained oncology professionals, the love and support of his wife Barbara, and other family members and friends, regular exercise, a good diet and nutrients and his deep faith in God. He learned to cope with cancer by making a choice to live and by working hard to prove that his choice was the right one. He wanted to live so that he could help others and that is exactly what he did.

Ken Giddes co-founded the Caring Ambassador Lung Cancer Program with Republic Financial Corporation.


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