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December 2005

Week Ending 12/31/05

Cancer Clinic Cuts Diagnosis Time
"A lung cancer clinic has slashed the time it takes to give a diagnosis - meaning patients are told whether or not they have the disease within hours of tests."

Vincent Sciavelli Killed by Lung Cancer
"Character actor, Vincent Schiavelli, died Monday at the age of 57. He died of lung cancer, claims Salvatore Glorioso, mayor of the Sicilian village, Polizzi Generosa, where Schiavelli lived."

Docs Fail to Offer Life-Saving Cancer Procedure to Blacks
"Despite having health insurance and access to specialized medical care, black Americans with a curable form of lung cancer are half as likely as white Americans to undergo surgery that could save their lives, a new study found."

American Cancer Society Offers Support and Hope
"Dana Reeve's diagnosis of lung cancer and the passing of Peter Jennings are reminders that people have questions about the disease, and many smokers are looking for ways to quit."

Does Lobectomy for Lung Cancer in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Affect Lung Function? A Multicenter National Study
"The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of lobectomy on pulmonary function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease."

Week Ending 12/25/05

Breast Cancer Drugs May Slow Growth of Lung Cancer
"A few years ago researchers discovered that, much like breast tumors, some lung tumors also thrive on estrogen."

Gretzky's Mom Dies at 64 of Lung Cancer
" 'She's always been the toughest in the family,' former hockey great says. Phyllis Gretzky, the mother of hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, died Monday night, the Phoenix Coyotes said."

Chest X-Rays Can Detect Early Lung Cancer But Also Can Produce Many False-Positive Results
"A new study from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, shows that screening for lung cancer with chest X-rays can detect early lung cancer but also can produce many false-positive test results, causing needless extra tests."

NSAIDs Unlikely to Protect Against Lung Cancer
"Contrary to some previous reports, results of a population-based cohort study of 242,000 adults in Denmark do not provide supporting evidence that use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer -- even in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), most of whom were or are smokers."

New Method Seen as Promising in Evaluating Lung Cancer Treatment
"A new method of detecting genetic markers for lung cancer in person's blood developed by a local research team is being used to better monitor the effectiveness of treatment, a researcher from Academia Sinica said on Monday."

Pharmacyclics Drops 64% After Cancer Drug Trial Fails
"Shares of Pharmacyclics Inc. skidded to a 52-week low Monday after it said an experimental lung cancer drug it makes failed to meet its goal in a final phase three clinical trial."

Fit, Elder Lung Cancer Patients Respond to Chemotherapy
"The Geriatric Oncology Consortium, which deals with cancer in the older patients, recently met in Washington, D.C. One issue discussed was chemotherapy in older patients for nonsmall-cell lung cancer."

Pulmonary Function May Stay Stable after Lung Cancer Treatment
"Pulmonary symptoms and function decline slightly after combined chemotherapy and chest radiotherapy for limited-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and remain stable for five to 15 years, according to a report in the November issue of Chest."

Women Often Opt Out of Lung Cancer Studies
"Women and African-Americans are under-represented in lung cancer clinical trials, clinicians report in the journal Cancer. "The lack of participation by minorities and women shut them out of the next generation of potentially life-saving treatment," warned Dr. Wei Du in comments to Reuters Health."

Hawks Legend Succumbs to Lung Cancer
"When Jim Boyle learned last summer that he had lung cancer, he was determined to compete against it as he had competed against everything else."

Week Ending 12/18/05

Lou Rawls Being Treated for Lung Cancer
"Singer Lou Rawls is being treated for lung cancer, and his estranged wife said he also has brain cancer and suggested his condition is dire."

Rep. Clay Shaw to Have Surgery for Lung Cancer
"Rep. Clay Shaw, a Fort Lauderdale Republican, announced Thursday that he will have surgery Jan. 4 to remove a cancerous tumor on his left lung that was discovered in May."

More Funding, Attention Sought for Lung-Cancer Research
"Lung cancer may be the most deadly form of cancer in the U.S., but it lags behind other cancers in terms of fundraising and research, the Sacramento Bee reported Dec. 5."

Report Shows High Lung Cancer Rates
Want to quit smoking? You're on your own.
"Although Billerica and neighboring Lowell, Tewksbury and Wilmington place in the top 15 communities in the state in terms of lung cancer deaths, funds for smoking cessation programs have long since dried up, leaving would-be quitters to fend for themselves."

Nunes' Struggle with Cancer Continues
"Senator Francis Nunes, who has been battling lung cancer, returned to the Upper House yesterday after a three month sabbatical due to his illness."

20/20 GeneSystems Acquires Rights to Lung Cancer Screening Test from U. Kentucky; Company to Develop Blood Test to ID Tiny, Treatable Tumors
"20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. ("20/20") today announced that it has acquired exclusive rights from the University of Kentucky to a new blood test that has shown exceptional accuracy for the early detection and screening of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)."

Radiofrequency Ablation Promising Against Lung Cancer
"According to results of pilot studies, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is helpful in treatment of primary non-small cell lung cancer, report Pennsylvania-based researchers."

Breast Cancer Drugs May Slow Growth of Lung Cancer
"A few years ago researchers discovered that, much like breast tumors, some lung tumors also thrive on estrogen. "

Week Ending 12/11/05

Iron, Calcium Linked to Lung Cancer
"Iron and calcium are linked to a higher risk of lung cancer in new research from the Harvard School of Public Health."

Novelos Gets FDA OK for Lung Cancer Trial
"Novelos Therapeutics Inc., a Newton company focused on the development of therapeutics to treat cancer and hepatitis, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for trials of the company's NOV-002 into a single pivotal Phase 3 study in advanced non-small cell lung cancer, in combination with first-line chemotherapy."

Lung Cancer Death Rate Rises for [South Australian] Women
"New figures on cancer deaths in South Australia paint a bleak picture for female smokers."

DNA Chip Research Prototypes DNA Chip for Lung Cancer Diagnosis
"DNA Chip Research has developed a prototype DNA chip for diagnosing lung cancer in collaboration with Chiba University."

St. Vincent's Comprehensive Cancer Center is First With New 'Super D' Technology for Lung Cancer
"St. Vincent's Comprehensive Cancer Center (SVCCC) has added the new super Dimension(TM)/Bronchus system for the diagnosis and biopsy of lung cancer."

Coach Loses Battle with Lung Cancer
"Deeply religious, Mark Simpson liked to say the best thing about golf is you can blame only yourself for failure. "He was more than a coach," said Scott Petersen, a Nationwide Tour pro who played for Simpson at the University of Colorado in the early 1990s."

Anemia Common in Lung Cancer Patients
"A European study of anemia and cancer reports that anemia is common in lung cancer patients and often untreated."

Researchers Probe Links Between Gender and Cancer
"Medical researchers are starting to explore an intriguing prospect: that cancer behaves differently in men and women."

'Tess Dress' to Raise Money for Lung Cancer Research
"The barely-there gown that exposed Tess Smith, screenwriter and former Playboy model, will be auctioned on eBay beginning December 12. Proceeds will be donated to Joan's Legacy, a foundation that funds lung cancer research."

Octogenarians: Don't Rule Out Lung Cancer Surgery
"Like their younger counterparts, some elderly patients who have early-stage non-small cell lung cancer can benefit from a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove part or all of a lung, according to a study conducted by thoracic surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and described in The American Surgeon, the journal of the Southeastern Surgical Congress and the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons."

Along the Cancer Corridor
"Want to quit smoking? You're on your own. Although Tewksbury and Wilmington place in the top 15 towns in the state in terms of lung cancer deaths, funds for smoking cessation programs have long since dried up, leaving would-be quitters to fend for themselves."

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Decrease Lung Cancer Survival
"In a study of 498 women with lung cancer, those who had used postmenopausal hormones for at least 6 weeks before their lung cancer diagnosis were younger at the time of lung cancer diagnosis and had worse survival. These results were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology."

GPC Biotech Announces Start of Phase 2 Trial Evaluating Satraplatin Plus Taxol(R) in Patients With Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
"GPC Biotech AG today announced that a Phase 2 study evaluating the Company's lead drug candidate, satraplatin, in combination with Taxol® (paclitaxel) as a first-line therapy in patients with unresectable advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has opened for accrual."

Race and Gender Affect Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Participation
"A new study finds significant disparities by race and gender in the enrollment of patients into lung cancer clinical trials."

Strides Made in Lung Cancer Therapy and Survival Rates
"I was recently asked to see a patient in consultation for stage II nonsmall-cell lung cancer. She was not given much hope. My evaluation revealed that her cancer was potentially curable by surgery and possible chemotherapy subsequently."

Week Ending 12/04/05  

Protein Test Pinpoints Early-Stage Lung Cancer
"Currently, only 25 percent of new lung cancer cases are diagnosed at an early stage, when it's possible to perform curative surgery, the researchers noted."

How to Lower Everyone's Lung Cancer Risk: Healthy eating habits protect both smokers and nonsmokers
"The recent death due to lung cancer of respected news anchor Peter Jennings, who had once been a long-time smoker, reminded us of the terrible toll that tobacco takes."

Cellular Clues to Vitamin A Resistance in Lung Cancer
"Vitamin A deficiency has been associated with the development of lung cancer in laboratory studies. However, clinical trials of natural and synthetic derivatives of vitamin A, called retinoids, for the prevention of lung cancer have been largely unsuccessful in the general population."

Iron and Calcium May Up Risk of Lung Cancer
"Small amounts of iron and calcium in the diet or in the form of supplements may play an important role in the development of lung cancer, especially among smokers, a study suggests."

Cancer Waits 'Still above Target'
"A quarter of cancer patients have not been treated within the target of two months, according to figures released by the Scottish Executive. The statistics covered the period from April to June this year."

Prevention is Best Bet in Lung Cancer Battle
"Despite all we, as a nation and as a state, have done to reverse a terrible trend, lung cancer continues to take its toll. It remains the top cancer killer in the United States and will likely kill more than 163,000 Americans by the end of this year."

November 2005

Week Ending 11/27/05

Dana Reeve Agonized Over Telling Her Son about Cancer
"Christopher Reeve's Widow Dana feared telling the couple's teenage son that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, because she felt he'd been through far too much heartache for one year."

Newly Identified Protein May Help Improve Treatment for Lung Cancer
"Researchers hope that a newly identified protein can one day help improve treatment for lung cancer. The findings are reported by researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and colleagues in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute."

AstraZeneca Starts Lung Cancer Drug Study
"Drug goliath AstraZeneca posted gains today after it said it had started recruiting patients into a pivotal Phase II/III study of lung cancer drug AZD2171."

November Targets the Effects of Lung Cancer
"By the time the symptoms showed up in 44-year-old Nick Cofrancesco, the cancer had spread from his lungs."

GlaxoSmithKline's Hycamtin Receives Positive Lung Cancer Opinion in Europe
"GlaxoSmithKline PLC said its Hycamtin drug has received a positive opinion on lung cancer treatment from an EU regulatory committee that it said will go forward for final marketing approval in Europe."

Blues Guitarist Whitley Dies of Lung Cancer
"Chris Whitley, who learned to play guitar while growing up in southeastern Vermont before becoming an internationally known and critically praised singer and musician, died Sunday of lung cancer at age 45."

Deguelin May Help Prevent Lung Cancer
"Deguelin, found in plants such as Mundulea sericea (Leguminosae), which is native to Africa and South America, may help prevent lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking, according to a new study."

Quit to Live: Early Detection for Lung Cancer
"For most types of cancer, there are early detection screenings. All have been proven to catch cancer early, and help save lives. For lung cancer, early detection is still being studied."

Elway Talks About Losing His Sister To Lung Cancer
"John Elway led the Denver Broncos to two Superbowl victories but imagine how powerless he felt when a disease took his twin sister's life."

Lung Cancer in Wales
"Every year more than 2,000 people in Wales will be diagnosed with lung cancer.
Every year more than 1,900 patients will die from the disease - an 87% mortality on the number of cases."

I'm Living Through Lung Cancer; Will You?
"About this time last year I was diagnosed with lung cancer. That diagnosis set off a chain of testing that culminated in the removal of the lower lobe of my right lung in January."

Anti-Smoking Campaign Promotes Lung Cancer Awareness on Campus
"The Great American SmokeOut, a nationwide event sponsored by the American Cancer Society, came to Emory for the first time last week with the hope of raising lung cancer awareness and decreasing the number of student smokers on campus."

Biomira's Phase 2 Lung Cancer Vaccine Trial Shows No Safety Concerns
"Biomira Inc announced the interim results of a phase 2 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) single-arm, multi-centre, open label study of BLP25 Liposome Vaccine (L-BLP25) showing that the new formulation of the vaccine is not different from the previous formulation from a safety perspective."

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Week Ending 11/20/05

Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program Commemorates Lung Cancer Awareness Month with Atlanta Run & Walk
"The Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program (LCCAP) proudly announces the success of the 1st Annual Lung Cancer Awareness 2005 Run & Walk sponsored by LCCAP and Saint Joseph's Hospital on November 12, 2005."

New Antibody Profiling Technique for Lung Cancer
"Scientists have developed a new and promising antibody profiling technique that provides a high degree of early diagnostic accuracy for non-small cell lung cancer."

Lung Cancer Higher In Veterans - Many Too Ill For Treatments
"In a month where veterans are remembered and honored, doctors say they are treating more veterans with lung cancer."

Despite Low Smoking Rates, Lung Cancer Continues to Claim Victims
"When you hear someone has lung cancer you probably assume they're a smoker. But more and more former smokers and those who've never picked up the habit are being diagnosed with the disease."

Dana Reeve Says She's Responding Well to Lung Cancer Treatment
"Dana Reeve, who announced three months ago that she has lung cancer, said Thursday she is responding well to treatment and that her tumor is "shrinking and shrinking and shrinking."

Premenopausal Women with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Have Improved Survival with Xyotax™
"Two large clinical trials, STELLAR 3 and STELLAR 4, suggest that premenopausal women with advanced non-small cell lung cancer have better survival after treatment with the chemotherapy drug Xyotax™ (paclitaxel poliglumex) than after treatment with other standard chemotherapy regimens."

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer; November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month
"This year, nearly 175,000 Americans will learn they have lung cancer. Smoking is the greatest known risk factor for lung cancer, although being exposed to second-hand smoke, radon, asbestos and other chemicals can also increase your chances of developing the disease."

Plant Compound May Block Tobacco-Induced Lung Cancer
"Deguelin, a natural plant product, may interfere with the development of tobacco-induced lung cancer by interfering with the cellular processes that turn normal cells cancerous."

New Approach May Give Hope to Cancer Patients
"A novel approach to cancer treatment will be undertaken for the first time in Malaysia.
Cancer vaccines which mobilise the immune system to target malignant cancer cells have been developed by the Centre of Molecular Immunology (CIM) in Cuba."

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Testing New Lung Cancer Treatment
"Researchers at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center are enrolling patients for a study involving a treatment of cancerous lesions in lungs."

Mautner Project Promotes Lung Cancer Awareness
"The Mautner Project, a national lesbian health organization, has joined with other gay and lesbian organizations to raise awareness of the risks of lung cancer among lesbians who smoke."

Growing Trend of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers
"Thursday at a conference for health care professionals, the American Lung Association chose a petite 18-year-old to be their main speaker. She has reluctantly and very tragically become an expert on women and lung cancer."

Lung Cancer is Deadliest in Minnesota
"Lung cancer remains the deadliest cancer in Minnesota and a particular threat to women and American Indians, the Minnesota Health Department said in a report released Tuesday."

Hana Biosciences Announces Positive Interim Results From a Phase I Trial of Talotrexin (PT-523) in Relapsed or Refractory Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
"Hana Biosciences (AMEX:HBX), a South San Francisco-based biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing cancer care, announced today positive interim data from an ongoing, multi-center Phase I clinical study evaluating single agent Talotrexin (PT-523) in relapsed or refractory advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)."

New Antibody Profiling Technique to Test for Lung Cancer
"American Thoracic Society journal news tips for November 2005 (second issue)
Biomedical scientists have revealed a new and promising antibody profiling technique that provides a high degree of early diagnostic accuracy for non-small cell lung cancer cases."

Researchers Uncover Clues to Vitamin A Resistance in Lung Cancer
"Researchers hope that a newly identified protein can one day help improve treatment for lung cancer. The findings are reported today by researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and colleagues in the "Journal of the National Cancer Institute."

Lung Cancer: Why so Little Attention?
"As we observe Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, the events of this year become particularly poignant. The death of ABC news anchor Peter Jennings, a former smoker, was one such event."

Health: Women with Lung Cancer
"A growing number of young healthy women, like Dana Reeve are getting lung cancer that is not related to cigarettes. Roughly 15-percent of people with lung cancer never even smoked. Medical Reporter Stephanie Stah has one New Jersey woman's story."

Giving up Smokes Cuts Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease
"Many smokers think they will quit 'someday,' but others have no plan of quitting, ever. They say they enjoy smoking too much to quit."

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Week Ending 11/11/05

Lung Cancer Survivor Tale of Hope
"A lung cancer patient given just three months to live after diagnosis eight years ago is spearheading a campaign to double the rate of survival."

Dr Dog, The Cancer Specialist
"Does a canine nose beat a state-of-the-art medical scanner costing millions? Scientific tests suggest so, says Jonathan Margolis."

Xillix Supports November Lung Cancer Awareness Month
"Xillix Technologies Corp. (TSX:XLX), the world leader in fluorescence endoscopy for the early detection of cancer, today announced some of its recent activities in support of November's Lung Cancer Awareness Month."

Blacks Tend to Reject Lung Cancer Surgery
"A Michigan study finds that blacks are more likely to decline surgery for lung cancer than whites."

Harry Thompson, Producer of TV Comedy, Dies of Cancer
"Harry Thompson, the writer and comedy producer behind hit shows including Have I Got News for You, has lost his battle against [lung] cancer."

Non-Smokers with Lung Cancer Get Double Whammy
"An interesting psychological reaction happens to non-smokers who develop lung cancer. It occurs over and over again."

Lung Cancer Is the Tragic--And Neglected--Epidemic of Our Time
"As we observe Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, the events of this year become particularly poignant. The death of ABC news anchor Peter Jennings, a former smoker, was one such event."

Orlando Ballet Leader, 50, Dies of Cancer
"Fernando Bujones, artistic director of the Orlando Ballet and a Cuban-American ballet prodigy who earned a place among the great classical dancers of the late 20th century, died early today in Miami."

Protein Restoration May Inhibit Lung Cancer
Fri 11 Nov 2005 10:20 AM CST
"Three of the four most common lung cancer types are absent vital protein receptors known to limit tumor growth, new research indicates."

NeoRx Cancer Treatment to Receive Priority Review
"Drug company NeoRx Corp. said its investigational treatment of small-cell lung cancer has been granted "orphan drug status" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

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Week Ending 11/06/05

Women Survive Lung Cancer Better Than Men
"Women have a better survival rate than men in early stage lung cancers, regardless of treatment or even lack of treatment."

New Technology Boosts Lung Cancer Treatment
"A new lung-sparing procedure may provide an alternative to traditional radiation treatments for lung cancer patients with health problems that make them poor candidates for surgery."

Ulster Gets a Lung Cancer Wake-Up Call
"People across Northern Ireland have been urged to be aware of the symptoms of lung cancer."

Encouraging Activity with Erlotinib (Tarceva) in Older New Lung Cancer Patients: Presented at ECCO
"Erlotinib (Tarceva) appears to be relatively well tolerated and demonstrates promising activity and improved survival in older patients with previously untreated advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), investigators reported…"

New Strides Being Made in Cancer Chemoprevention
"There are a number of things people are told to do to prevent cancer - eat well, exercise, don't smoke. However, despite these obvious preventive measures, many individuals will develop the disease."

Women Lift Smokescreen on Lung Cancer
"Say the words, "lung cancer", and many people picture an older man with a cigarette in his mouth. At only 47 years old and with rosy cheeks and clear eyes, Sandy Britt does not fit that image."

Lung-Sparing Treatment For Cancer Proving Effective
"Lung cancer patients with extenuating health problems may have an alternative to traditional radiation therapy through a lung-sparing procedure pioneered at the Indiana University School of Medicine."

DiagnoCure Signs License Agreement with Genzyme for Lung Cancer Associated Genes
"DiagnoCure Inc…. is pleased to announce that, for financial consideration, it has licensed from Genzyme Corporation worldwide exclusive rights to approximately 40 genes for potential use in the field of detecting lung cancer."

Focus on Lung Cancer: How to Prevent and Treat It
"Since smoking became popular in America in the 1930s, lung cancer rates have continued to climb. Today, it is still the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, with totals more than the other five leading cancers combined."

Doctor Tackles Unknown Lung Cancer Cause
"November is [lung] cancer awareness month, and one Ohio State doctor is starting it off with a bang."

Lung Cancer Survival Can Double Insists New Medical Coalition
"Lung cancer survival rates can be doubled in the next ten years according to a powerful new coalition of leading UK lung cancer experts launched today (7th November)."

Hope Over Cheek Lung Cancer Test
"A simple check of cells taken from inside the cheek can help give an early warning of lung cancer, a study says."

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October 2005

Turning the Heat On Lung Cancer

Chuck Strahl to Run Again Despite Lung Cancer

Alcohol Not Seen as Big Lung Cancer Risk

Cancer Drug may Mean UI Windfall

Children of Lung Cancer Victim Can Sue Tobacco Firms

Oxigene Cancer Drug Helps Cut Blood Flow

Non-Smokers with Lung Cancer Get Double Whammy

Chemotherapy Plus Radiation Promising for Early-Stage Lung Cancer

Cannabis Link to Maori Cancer

Nutrition Wise: Phytochemical and Antioxidant, Hereditary and Lung Cancer, Basmati Rice

H. Pylori May Play Role in Lung Cancer

Rep. Jack Sharp To Continue On Despite Aggressive Lung Cancer

Sacramento HeartScan Strikes Back at Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Claims Leader in Local Real Estate Industry

Phytoestrogens Reduce Lung Cancer Risk

Test Could Spot Asbestos-Linked Lung Cancer

£150 Million Spent, but NHS Still Fails Cancer Patients in Scotland

Point Therapeutics Launches Lung Cancer Trial

Vitamin D Improves Survival with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Faulty Cell Cycle Checkpoints Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in African-Americans

Tarceva Benefits Older Untreated Lung Cancer Patients

Phase 3 Trial in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

68-Year-Old with Lung Cancer Feels Blessed He Can Prepare Loved Ones

A Famous Wife Focuses Attention on Young Lung Cancer Patients

Lung cancer, Restoring the Missing or Silenced WWOX Gene Can Slow or Stop the Cells' Growth

Genomic Test for EGFR for Patients with Lung Cancer

Promising Preliminary Results for New Lung Cancer Drug

Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen Brings New Hope to Lung Cancer Patients with BrainLAB Adaptive Gating Technology

Sniffing Out Lung Cancer

Household Radon Can Cause Lung Cancer

Higher Risk of Lung Cancer Among Blacks Explained

New ONCONASE(R) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Data Presented at ASTRO Annual Meeting

Promising Treatment for Lung Cancer: Surgery Plus Radioactive Seeds

Aranesp® Does Not Increase Relapses in Patients with Lung Cancer or Lymphoproliferative Malignancies

Addition of AS1404 to Chemotherapy Stalls Lung Cancer Progression

Brachytherapy May Improve Survival in Patients with Inoperable Lung Cancer

World Leaders in Cancer Research to Meet in Liverpool

Direct Freezing Technique Brings Hope to Lung Cancer Patients

The 2nd Annual Lung Cancer Fundraiser Slated for November 5th at Cooper River Park

CHEST 2005 Press Briefing: New Developments in Lung Cancer

Dose-Dense Chemotherapy Regimen for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Phytoestrogens Decrease Lung Cancer Risk

Non-Smokers Not Safe From Lung Cancer

'World News Tonight' Will Plans Reports and An Anti-Smoking Campaign

Iressa Doesn't Improve Odds Against Lung Cancer

The Group Room(R) Cancer Radio Talk Show to Air Taped Broadcast in Association With CHEST 2005, 71st Annual International Scientific Assembly, Sunday, Oct. 30

Edmonton's Biomira says it needs new funding to continue cancer research

Cheek cells' DNA Points to Lung Cancer Risk

Innovative Drug Tarceva Now Available in Europe to Tackle Growing Lung Cancer Epidemic

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September 2005

Cancer Deaths Drop in Scotland

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Data Presented at ISOTT Annual Meeting

Kosovo Leader Reveals Battle with Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Breeds Rage on All Sides

Long-Term Outcomes Superior with Concurrent Therapy for Lung Cancer

Griffin Securities Issues Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Biophamaceutical Industry Review, Including Leading Current Treatments and Emerging Pipeline Companies

Efaproxiral May Improve Outcomes in Lung Cancer

Group Says Tobacco Companies Should Pay For Lung Cancer Research, Screening

Women Against Lung Cancer and The Lung Cancer Online Foundation Announce Inaugural Career Development Award Recipient

Lung Cancer May Run In Families

Lung Cancer: Top Cancer Diagnosis in Piedmont

Geron Says Study Shows Cancer Drug Success

Potential Marker of Chemotherapy Effectiveness in Lung Cancer Patients

Better Survival in Lung Cancer Patients with EGFR Gene Mutations

Avax seeks FDA Approval for Lung Cancer Drug Trial

Researchers Find Drug That Blocks Spread Of Lung Cancer in Mice

Detecting Lung Cancer - CT Scans Can Spot Tumors Early, But There Are Risks.

The Deadliest Cancer

Lung Cancer, Often Ignored, Is Still the Deadliest

Drug Fights Advanced Lung Cancer

Crucial Lung Cancer Link

Death Illustrates the Need for Lung Cancer Awareness

Study Finds Tarceva Benefits Older Lung Cancer Patients

New Lung Cancer Blood Test Available to Public

A Life Lost to Lung Cancer

Broccoli Found to Block Cancer Progression In Both Animal and Human Studies

Top Government Mediator William Kelly Dies of Lung Cancer at 81

Lung-Cancer Treatments Can Improve Life

Crunchy Veggies May Thwart Lung Cancer

In High Doses, Those in the Cabbage Family Slowed Malignancies, Studies Found

Cancer Drug's Withdrawal Won't Hurt Patients Here, Doctors Say

Radiation Improves Average Survival in Early, Unresected Lung Cancer

Local Walk Draws Attention to Lung Cancer

PRA to Manage Phase III Lung Cancer Trial

Children of Parents with Lung Cancer Have Increased Incidence of Several Cancers

CeMines(TM) and Colorado Heart & Body Imaging form Strategic Alliance to use the CellCorrect(TM) LAb Test in a Novel Imaging Program for the Detection of Lung Cancer

Radon and Cancer

Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Tarceva Benefits Older Patients

Novel imaging program for the detection of Lung Cancer - CeMines™ and Colorado Heart & Body Imaging form Strategic Alliance

Biomera Delays Lung Cancer Study Start

Study Suggests CT Screening May Prevent Thousands of Lung Cancer Deaths

Survival of Stage IIIB Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer May Be Improved With L-BLP25 Vaccine

Elderly Lung Cancer Patients Do Well After Surgery

Debunking Cancer Myths

One Cigarette Triples Your Risk of Lung Cancer

Tarceva given European approval for treatment of lung cancer

Rep. Shaw, 2015 Caucus Resolves to Find Cancer Cure

Epigenetic Activity Silences Tumor Suppressing Gene In Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, Often-Ignored, Still Deadliest

Electronic Nose Sniffs Out Lung Cancer

Screening of Lung Cancer With CT Scans May Save Many Lives

Genzyme Launches New Test for Lung Cancer Treatment

Flu Vaccine May Work Against Lung Cancer

Orlando Ballet Leader, 50, Faces Lung-Cancer Battle

Cutting Down Reduces Smokers' Lung Cancer Risk

CTI Stock Jumps After Cancer Drug Report

British Sea Sponge May Fight Cancer

Fruits, Vegetables Guard Against Lung Cancer-Study

Biomira Delays Lung Cancer Drug Trial

Cancer Screening Tests Can Save Lives but May Have Unintended Effects, Says Harvard Men's Health Watch

Genzyme Test to Bolster Lung Cancer Treatments

Changing The Face of Lung Cancer

Presiding Judge Robert Kendall Battling Lung Cancer

600,000 People Die of Lung Cancer in China Annually

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August 2005  

Peter Jennings Loses Battle With Lung Cancer

Seven's On Call: What's Your Risk For Lung Cancer?

Fact Sheet: Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Rare cancer sufferers travel miles for care

Indiana University School of Medicine Opens Two Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Alexandria woman battles cancer and medicare. Medicaid to pay for treament

System Lets Doctors Detect Lung Cancer Earlier

Atrial fibrillation complicating lung cancer resection

Sarawak CM's Younger Brother Dies Of Lung Cancer

Radon and Cancer

Which Patients Will Not Respond to Treatment with Targeted Cancer Drug?

Treatment improves for lung cancer patients

Antiques dealer loses battle with lung cancer

PET scans help gauge lung cancer

New study shows drug helps lung cancer patients live longer

Women's Health Study: Long-awaited Findings of Low-dose Aspirin and Vitamin E in Preventing Disease

Indoor smoking ban will be on ballot

Former MP Harun Ghani, 67, dies of lung cancer

Lung Cancer and Indoor Pollution from Heating and Cooking with Solid Fuels

Radiation Therapy Preferable to Surgery for Stage IIIA Non-Small Lung Cancer

Older Radiation Therapy Regimens for Breast Cancer Increase Heart and Lung Cancer Mortality

Building A Better Mouse Model Of Lung Cancer: Fhit Counts

Aurora man battling lung cancer

Nonsmokers, Too, Battle Lung Cancer

New Technology for Lung Cancer Detection

Lung cancer strikes smokers and nonsmokers alike

New lung cancer test obtains negative response from specialists

Booker Contender: 'When I found out it was cancer I was utterly stunned.'

Detecting cancer early, better -Local hospital part of huge study that could have some patients breathing easier

Lung Cancer: Who's at Risk?

Lung Cancer Differences Between Women and Men Abound

3-D lung scans offer potential in cancer fight

Malloy: Women's Odds Against Lung Cancer

Smoker or not, lung cancer could find you

Doctors say say they are seeing more nonsmokers with the disease than in the past. It's unclear why.

Celebrity Cancer Death, Diagnosis Prompts Smokers To Quit

Protein Key to Lung Cancer Drug Response

Lung Cancer Claimed Victims Pre-Jennings

Cancer Research Grand Slam

Fight of their lives: Smokers know lung cancer risk, but many still struggle to quit
Celebrities put lung cancer back in the spotlight

Another Lung Cancer Death

Statewide CT scan for early detection of lung cancer

Slow gains in lung-cancer treatments - Imaging, targeted drug therapy may help extend lives

Jennings 'really thought he'd beat cancer'

Former Dallas star Barbara Bel Geddes has died of lung cancer. She was 82.

Lung Cancer Kills Thousands Of Non-Smokers

What You Need to Know on Smoking and Lung Cancer

Jacksonville doctor: Non-smokers can develop lung cancer

500 Smokers Wanted For Lung Cancer Study

Medical Breakthroughs: Lung Cancer

Colorado At Forefront Of Lung Cancer Battle

Lung cancer throws a curve

Lung Cancer - Second of Four Phase 2 Clinical Trials of OGX-011

Non-smokers fight lung-cancer stigma

Many lung-cancer patients never lit up

CORRECTED-News anchor Peter Jennings dies of cancer

What an extra eye on cancer can do for you

Lung cancer sufferers fight a persistent stigma

Stephen Harper Responds To Chuck Strahl's Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Lung cancer patients deserve help, not blame

New Technology Cuts Lung Cancer Surgery

Deadly lung cancer hard to detect

Swedish Cancer Institute Studies New Agent to treat Lung Cancer Patients; First Clinical Trial of Investigational Therapy to Treat BAC

Clinical trials improving long odds of surviving lung cancer

Awareness grows about lung cancer

MP Chuck Strahl diagnosed with lung cancer

Celebrity cases spur demand for lung cancer test

Newsman's death spurs cancer calls

Prevention, Science Could End Lung Cancer by 2015

Battling the politics of cancer

Support and hope for those touched by lung cancer

Need for More Lung Cancer Awareness

Lung cancer still hard to diagnose

YM BioSciences to Initiate Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Trial with Nimotuzumab

Fiddling legend Clements dies at 77 of lung cancer

2 cancer drugs found to have limited uses

Lung Cancer: Tobacco Is Usually the Cause, but Not Always

Two designer drugs hit same lung cancer target, but only one is effective

Anti-Smoking Advocate Losing Battle With Cancer

Looking for Lung Cancer

'I survived stage 4 lung cancer'

Health Journal: Diagnoses of lung cancer are rising

Lung cancer victim loved hunting

Protein key to lung cancer drug response

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July 2005  

A Smart Bomb for Cancer?

Cancer deaths lower among asthma, allergy patients

Lung cancer expert hits out at health cut plans

Cancer Researchers Find Potential Target for Celebrex in Lung Cancer

State lags in lung cancer awareness

Lung Cancer Deaths in the EU: Declining in Men but Not Women

Breast, lung cancer on the rise in Mumbai

Treating Lung Cancer with 4D Protons

Vitamin D May Benefit People with Lung Cancer

Radon and Lung Cancer

Following Standard Therapy Produces High Anti-Cancer Response Rates in Limited-Stage Lung Cancer

Wood Smoke May Cause Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers

Radiofrequency Ablation Feasible for Inoperable Lung Cancer

Researchers find potential Celebrex target in lung cancer

Tarceva Extending Lives of Lung Cancer Patients

Lifestyle changes reduce cancer risk

Tarveca. Improves Survival in Recurrent Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Female Scots Top EU Table for Lung Cancer Deaths

Researchers to test potential target in lung cancer

Hobart councilman hospitalized with lung cancer

Aspirin, Vitamin E Show Little Effect in Preventing Cancer

8 fool-proof ways to prevent cancer

'Weak' evidence of Omaha lead-cancer link:-

Researchers find potential celebrex target in lung cancer

Drug Tarceva for End-stage Lung cancer

Erlotinib extends survival for patients with advanced lung cancer

Female lung cancer death rates in Europe still rising

Senesco Technologies Reports Results of Pre-Clinical Lung Cancer in Mice

Age No Bar to Benefits of Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

Drug extends lung cancer patients' survival

Lung Cancer Still a Killer For Europe's Women

Studies Shows Chemotherapy Improves Lung Cancer Survival

Constant exposure to wood smoke might cause lung cancer: study

Naturally Occurring Asbestos Linked to Lung Cancer

New Cancer Drug Tarceva(R) Demonstrates Significant Improvement in ...

Lung cancer up in scots women

Cancer has no respect for life

Celebrex Lung Cancer Trial Resumes

Wood smoke may raise lung cancer risk

Quality of Life of Long-Term Lung Cancer Survivors Evaluated

Reduced lung function tied to lung cancer risk

Treating Lung Cancer Patients Earlier May Improve Outcomes

New Lung Cancer Surgery Speeds Healing

Revealed: The cancer maps of Britain

Socio-economic patterns found in UK & Ireland cancer map

Map reveals Yorkshire's cancer statistics

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June 2005  

AstraZeneca moves lung cancer drug into Phase III

Poor lung function increases lung cancer risk, especially in women

DNA Scans Reveal Possible Location of Lung Cancer Genes

Genetic profiles for lung cancer

Conforma Therapeutics Corporation Acquires Late Stage Anti-Cancer Compound from Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

EU approves new lung cancer drug

1957: Smoking 'causes lung cancer'

Chemo improves lung cancer survival rates

Lung Cancer in Black Relative Ups Risk

FDA Reneges on Lung Cancer Drug, Urges Other Options

UN health agency seeks to minimize risks of cancer-causing radon gas

Potent form of radiation therapy available to Maine cancer patients

Study Links Lung Cancer, Genetics

Race May Affect Early-Onset Lung Cancer

Judge Tosses LI Smoking-Cancer Lawsuit

Individuals with Family History of Lung Cancer, Risk Greater for Blacks

Access to Lung Cancer Drug Iressa to Be Limited

FDA: No Current Plan to Withdraw Drug from US Market

Nonsmokers Raise Money for Lung Cancer Research

Scientists Discover Lung Cell Linked to Cancer

Troy Hill man wins silver after fighting lung cancer

CT-PET Combined Scans Detect Lung Cancer Early with High Accuracy

Velcade® Moderately Active in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Group seeks to reduce cancer diagnoses in state

Learning to live with lung cancer

YM BioSciences expands development program for EGFR inhibitor nimotuzumab

Ageism may see fewer pensioners get cancer treatment - report

A new strategy to attract funding for lung cancer

Children Craft and Donate Quilt to Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program

As It Focuses On Xyotax, CTI Selling Trisenox To Cephalon

Novelos Therapeutics Announces Merger With U.S. Public Company -- Trading to Begin on Tuesday Under Symbol "NVLT"

Mouse model paves way for lung cancer studies

Protox receives funding from NRC to develop lung cancer drug

Genentech/Roche's Avastin Will Account for More Than 50% of the Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Drug Market in 2014

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MAY 2005  

Abnormal lung cancer screening results may help smokers quit

'Sniffer' can detect lung cancer

Cangen, Japanese firm to research lung cancer

Making lung cancer, like, cool

Drug Regimen extends lung cancer patients' lives

Scientists develop technology to detect cancer

Electronic Nose May Sniff Out Lung Cancer

Benefits Of Lung Cancer Screening With CT Questioned

Shaw passes on cancer surgery, will try drug

Platinum-Based Chemotherapy Improves Response Rate in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Widow loses fight to sue tobacco company

American Cancer Society Urges World's Health Care Workers to Stop Smoking

Cigarette-tax hike to finance research at cancer centers

Living with lung cancer

It's nutrients vs. disease; UA aims to pick a winner

Radiation Offers Modest Boost for Frail Lung Cancer Patients

More women developing lung cancer before 50, study finds

98 Rock's Lopez Dies of Lung Cancer

Hispanics have worse lung cancer survival rate, study

Drugs boost lung cancer survival

Diet may modify radon-related lung cancer risk

Women may be more susceptible to lung cancer than breast cancer

Concurrent radiation, chemo, followed by surgery lengthens lung cancer patients' survival

Investigators Present Results of New Lung Cancer Research with Ligand Therapies at ASCO

More Hope, Less Blame for No. 1 Cancer Killer; Five-year Follow-up Study Finds Increased Lung Cancer Media Coverage, Patient-Focused Approach

Introgen's Novel p53 Cancer Vaccine Sensitizes Tumors to Platinum and Taxane Chemotherapies

Targretin® Improves Survival in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Patients with Hyperlipidemia

Avastin Looks Good At Treating Lung Cancer, Cephalon to Buy Salmedix

XYOTAX(TM) Significantly Prolongs Survival in Poor Performance Status (PS2) Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Compared to Standard Treatment With Vinorelbine

Lung cancer patients - Blocking blood vessels provides new option for many

New option for advanced lung cancer patients

Living with lung cancer

Lung cancer drug helps majority in study

Hike global cigarette tax to fight cancer

Nonsmokers And Lung Cancer

Lung cancer on the rise

Lung cancer in women - could difference be hormones?

Five-Year Experience with CT Screening for Lung Cancer

Misleading Advertisement about Lung Cancer

Small-Cell Lung Cancer Outcome Not Improved by Dose-Dense Chemo

Ex-smokers not out of the woods for cancer

Wood Dust Linked to Increased Lung Cancer Risk

NeoRx Refocusing Resources to Expedite Development of Picoplatin

Non-small-cell lung cancer, high EGFR gene copy number may be a predictor for Gefitinib efficacy

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APRIL 2005  

Test predicts who is helped by lung cancer drug

Genzyme announces license agreement for exclusive rights to lung cancer

Point Therapeutics achieves desired tumor response criteria in phase 2 talabostat non-small cell lung cancer trial

Ex-smokers remain at higher risk for lung cancer

Clinical trial results validate CeMines(TM) molecular FingerPrinting(TM) profiles of lung cancer biomarker patterns, confirming 'high level of confidence'

Ex-smokers worry about lung cancer

Advanced age no bar to lung cancer therapy

Scientists develop technology to detect lung cancer, University of Liverpool, UK

Clinical trial of gefitinib for advanced lung cancer closes early

Biomira begins new cancer vaccine trial

New ONCONASE(R) data on non-small cell lung cancer presented at AACR annual meeting

Inroads on lung cancer elude researchers

Vitamin D gets a boost for role in cancer fight

Early detection of lung cancer

DNA bid to spot cancer

Lung cancer has most cancer deaths

New results from GV1001 in lung cancer and leukaemia to be presented at ASCO

Patients with lung cancer have high incidence of second primary cancers

Season affects cancer-surgery survival

MED researcher identifies genes linked to lung cancer susceptibility

Vitamin D 'aids lung cancer ops'

International conference recommends lung cancer screening

Living with lung cancer

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