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Week Ending December 31, 2007

Marital Status Doesn't Affect Lung Cancer Survival
“Contrary to previous studies, married patients with lung cancer do not have longer survival, according to analysis of an extensive Mayo Clinic database in the December issue of “The Oncologist.””

Researcher Says Doctors Should Talk About Death With Patients
“OMAHA, Neb. -- An Omaha researcher suggests more doctors need to talk to patients about plans for end-of-life care, although his recent study shows little direct evidence that planning ahead helps to prolong life.”

Reporting Symptoms Online In Real Time May Help Cancer Patients
“Traditionally, clinicians have relied on information provided by cancer patients during their office visits as the primary means of assessing patients' symptoms and side effects. However, potentially serious consequences could arise if important symptoms go unreported during those visits because they occur between appointments. A new study by researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) finds that even the sickest cancer patients are willing and able to "self-report" symptoms using the Internet, thus supplying key data in real time to their healthcare providers.”

Former Executive Employs Skills to Fight Lung Cancer
“Bonnie J. Addario broke barriers by becoming one of the country's top female oil company executives. Now, she is parlaying her professional prowess into running one of the country's largest lung-cancer foundations.”

FASgen Announces New Research Discoveries In Lung Cancer
“FASgen is pleased to report the publication of important research results for lung cancer treatment using FAS093, one of the Company's proprietary compounds. In a long-standing cooperation with The Johns Hopkins Oncology Center, FASgen supported research into the selective inhibition of fatty acid synthase (FASi) at the Hopkins Oncology Center as a potential therapeutic agent against various forms of solid tumor cancers. In the recently reported study results, researchers at the Hopkins Oncology Center found that FAS093 significantly inhibited growth of several different xenograft tumors from human NSCLC cell lines.”

Einstein Researcher Receives $100,000 Grant For Lung Cancer Research
“Hayley McDaid, Ph.D. assistant professor of medicine and of molecular pharmacology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, has received a $100,000 grant from Joan's Legacy: The Joan Scarangello Foundation to Conquer Lung Cancer for her research of lung cancer. The grant, which is being funded equally over two years by Joan's Legacy and the LUNGevity Foundation, will support Dr. McDaid's efforts to better understand mechanisms of specific lung cancer genotypes that contribute to the onset of lung cancer and how they can be targeted for therapy.”

Lung Cancer Cells' Survival Gene Seen As Drug Target
ScienceDaily (Dec. 29, 2007) — “One of the deadliest forms of cancer appears to carry a specific weakness. When a key gene called 14-3-3zeta is silenced, lung cancer cells can't survive on their own, researchers have found. The gene is a potential target for selective anti-cancer drugs, says Haian Fu, PhD, professor of pharmacology, hematology & oncology at Emory University School of Medicine and Emory Winship Cancer Institute.”

Research Links Diet, Gardening, Lung Cancer Risk
“M.D. Anderson research suggests that by simply eating four or more servings of green salad a week and working in the garden once or twice a week, smokers and nonsmokers alike may be able to substantially reduce the risk of developing lung cancer, say researchers at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.”

Lung Cancer Patients Tell Stories of Survival, Prevention
GALLUP, N.M.— “There is no cancer from which someone has not been cured. That hopeful message is one that inspired Gallup resident Kathleen Houlihan when she battled lung cancer in 1999, and it's a message she continues to share with other cancer patients today. Houlihan and recent cancer patient Michael Sullivan recently talked about their years as smokers, their diagnosis with lung cancer, their fight against the disease and their messages for both smokers and nonsmokers alike.”

Ad Legend Dusenberry Dies at 71
NEW YORK - “Ad legend Phil Dusenberry, the former chairman and chief creative officer of Omnicom Group's BBDO North America, died Dec. 29 after battling lung cancer for the past year. He was 71.”

Treating Oft Ignored Non-Cancer Health Issues After Cancer Diagnosis Prolongs Survival
INDIANAPOLIS – “Receiving treatment for non-cancer health issues while being treated by specialists for cancer improves cancer survival rates according to a study published in the December 20 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study, by researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine, the Regenstrief Institute and the Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, is the first to look at the effect of primary care on health outcomes in cancer patients.”

Doctor Pioneers Method for Treating Dangerous Lung Cancer Tumor
“OKLAHOMA CITY -- A new treatment developed by an Oklahoma physician may help lung cancer patients who have trouble breathing. Lung cancer sufferers may experience fits of coughing, shortness of breath and difficult-to-treat pneumonia because tumors block the bronchioles, which are the passages through which they receive air.”

Scientists Predict Individual Risk Of Lung Cancer
“Scientists have developed a model which can predict the risk of any person developing lung cancer within a five-year period. Two-thirds of lung cancer cases in the UK could be predicted by screening only 30% of the population using the Liverpool Lung Project (LLP) risk model – funded in collaboration with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and produced in collaboration with Cancer Research UK and the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine. Previous lung cancer risk models have focused only on age and smoking status and fail to account for other groups who are also at risk”

Smokers Don't Believe Cigarettes Are Bad for Your Health [Australia]
“New research released by the Cancer Society of Victoria shows 6 out of 10 smokers down play the health risks of smoking. The study shows 1 in 5 believes smoking can not be bad for their health because many smokers live to an old age.”

Cannabinoids May Inhibit Cancer Cell Invasion
“ScienceDaily (Dec. 27, 2007) — Cannabinoids may suppress tumor invasion in highly invasive cancers, according to a study published online December 25 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Cannabinoids, the active components in marijuana, are used to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, such as pain, weight loss, and vomiting, but there is increasing evidence that they may also inhibit tumor cell growth. However, the cellular mechanisms behind this are unknown.”

Week Ending December 23, 2007

PhytoMedical Expands Scope of Patented Technology That Kills Cancer Cells
PRINCETON, N.J., Dec 20, 2007 – “PhytoMedical Technologies, Inc., today announced that it has expanded the research and development of a novel class of anti-cancer agents which have a ‘cytotoxic’ or poisonous affinity for cancer cells. These patented anti-cancer compounds are designed to bind more tightly to cancer cell DNA than many conventional anti-cancer drugs by a process called bis-intercalation or "double binding," much like a molecular staple.”

HGS initiates Phase II trial in lung cancer
“Human Genome Sciences has initiated dosing of patients in a Phase II clinical trial of HGS-ETR1 in combination with the chemotherapy agents paclitaxel and carboplatin as first-line therapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.”

Infinity and MedImmune Initiate Phase 2 Trial of IPI-504 to Assess the Hsp90 Inhibitor's Potential Anti-Tumor Activity in Patients With Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and GAITHERSBURG, Md., Dec. 19, 2007 – “Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:INFI) and MedImmune, Inc. today announced that the companies have initiated the Phase 2 portion of a Phase 1/2 clinical trial of IPI-504, their lead heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitor, in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Enrollment has commenced at the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, Fla. and Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, Conn. and the study is expected to expand to additional sites throughout North America.”

Lack Of Sunlight May Increase Lung Cancer Risk
ScienceDaily (Dec. 23, 2007) — “Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of lung cancer, suggests a study of rates of the disease in over 100 countries. Lung cancer kills over a million people every year around the globe. The researchers looked at the association between latitude, exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) light, and rates of lung cancer according to age in 111 countries across several continents.”

New Blood Test Finds Cancer Cells
(WebMD) “A new cancer blood test may help doctors find cancers earlier and monitor cancer treatment. The new blood test uses microchip technology to sift blood to search for circulating tumor cells (CTCs), which come from solid tumors and roam through the blood. The developers of the test call it a "new and effective tool" that has "broad implications" for cancer research, detection, diagnosis, and management.”

Researchers Train The Immune System To Deliver Virus That Destroys Cancer In Lab Models
ScienceDaily (Dec. 20, 2007) — “An international team of researchers led by Mayo Clinic have designed a technique that uses the body's own cells and a virus to destroy cancer cells that spread from primary tumors to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system. In addition, their study shows that this technology could be the basis for a new cancer vaccine to prevent cancer recurrence.”

Cell Therapeutics Intends To Submit MAA Earlier-than-expected For Lung Cancer Drug Xyotax – Update
“Tuesday, biopharmaceutical company Cell Therapeutics Inc. said it is planning to submit a marketing authorization application, MAA, in Europe earlier than expected, based on the Stellar 4 phase III clinical trial results for Xyotax as a single agent for the first-line cure of non-small cell lung cancer, or NSCLC, in patients with poor performance status.”

Trial and Error for Array BioPharma
“On Wednesday, Array BioPharma announced top-line results from three phase 2 studies of its intriguing lead drug, and apparently the market didn't like those results, as shares were down more than 27% on the news. The ARRY-886 compound is interesting -- Array BioPharma is developing it under a partnership deal signed in 2003 with AstraZeneca -- because there are no approved cancer drugs that fight the MEK protein, a cancer cell growth target. The top-line results were from three trials testing the drug in late-stage melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and colorectal cancer patients.”

Drug's 'Anti-Cancer Effect' Study [Wales]
“The study will look at if survival rates can be improved. Doctors are hoping to recruit 2,400 people with lung cancer for a trial to see if a drug has anti-cancer effects and can prevent blood clots. The research, based at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff, involves the drug Fragmin and whether it can help thin the blood and improve treatment. People with lung cancer are at a higher risk of potentially fatal blood clots.”

Pharmacyclics Cancer Drug Not Approvable--US FDA
LOS ANGELES, Dec 21 - “Drug developer Pharmacyclics Inc said on Friday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration turned down its application to market Xcytrin as a treatment for non-small cell lung cancer which has spread to the brain. The company said in a statement that it continues to believe that Xcytrin is a novel active cancer drug and will seek a corporate partner to help support future development.”

OSI Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch Date of Tarceva® in Japan
“OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that Tarceva® (erlotinib) has been listed on Japan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) drug reimbursement price list and will be launched in Japan on December 18, 2007. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved Tarceva on October 19, 2007 for the treatment of patients with nonresectable, recurrent and advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which is aggravated following chemotherapy.”

Lung Cancer Research Money
“Lung cancer kills more Americans than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined, but it gets only a fraction of the funding for research. Consider this, according to the National Cancer Institute, this year breast cancer will receive more than $13,000 per breast cancer death. Prostate cancer about $11,000. Lung cancer, a little more than $1,500 per lung cancer death.”

Panacea Pharmaceuticals' Lung Cancer Diagnostic Test, LC Detect(SM), Named One of Time Magazine's Ten Biggest Medical Breakthroughs of 2007
GAITHERSBURG, Md., Dec. 18 -- “Panacea Pharmaceuticals' lung cancer diagnostic test, LC Detect(SM), has been named one of Time Magazine's Ten Biggest Medical Breakthroughs of 2007. LC Detect(SM) is a simple blood test to facilitate the identification of lung cancer, even among individuals with early-stage disease.”

Isolated Knee Monoarthritis May Indicate Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
NEW YORK DEC 17, 2007 (Reuters Health) – “Isolated knee monoarthritis is a newly recognized paraneoplastic syndrome that may herald resectable non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to Italian investigators reporting in the December issue of the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.”

Family Honors Woman With $1M Research Gift
”Although she never smoked and in fact abhorred the habit, Jeannine Tuttle Rainbolt of Oklahoma City battled lung cancer for five years. She died from the disease in October at age 77, and her valiant struggle is being memorialized by her family with a $1 million gift to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, officials announced Thursday.”

Sickened, and Fighting Another Cold War
“They were some of the Cold War’s first warriors. Now they say they are among its last casualties, coping with cancers that may be linked to their work in Buffalo-area factories that made components for nuclear weapons half a century ago. It took decades for the federal government to acknowledge that it exposed thousands of workers around the country to dangerous levels of radiation in factories handling nuclear materials, starting with the Manhattan Project in the 1940s and continuing, in some cases, into the 1970s.”

ASCO Announces Top Cancer Advances of 2007 in Annual Progress Report: Report calls for increase in cancer research funding, better access to clinical trials.
“The American Society of Clinical Oncology released on Dec. 18 the Clinical Cancer Advances 2007: Major Research Advances in Cancer Treatment, Prevention, and Screening, an independent assessment of the most significant clinical cancer research of the past year. The report, which can be accessed online at, identifies the six most important advances in clinical cancer research over the past year and highlights 18 other notable advances in prevention, screening, treatment and survivorship.”

Cancer Report Shows Disparities Between Developing, Developed Countries
“There will be more than 12 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths worldwide in 2007, the majority in developing countries, a new report says. The amounts to 20,000 cancer deaths a day this year, according to Global Cancer Facts and Figures, a publication of the American Cancer Society released Monday. The statistics are based on incidence and mortality data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer's Globocan 2002 database.”

Cancer Quicker to Claim the Uninsured: Patients with no insurance twice as likely to die within 5 years
ATLANTA – “Uninsured cancer patients are nearly twice as likely to die within five years as those with private coverage, according to the first national study of its kind and one that sheds light on troubling health care obstacles. People without health insurance are less likely to get recommended cancer screening tests, the study also found, confirming earlier research. And when these patients finally do get diagnosed, their cancer is likely to have spread.”

Lung Cancer Alliance Sends Presidential Questionnaires
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 -- “Today Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) sent questionnaires to Presidential candidates asking for their positions and plans to reduce the mortality of lung cancer, which continues to take more lives each year than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined.”

Week Ending December 16, 2007

High Meat Consumption Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk
“A quarter-pound hamburger or a small pork chop eaten daily could put you at increased risk for a variety of cancers, U.S. government health researchers report.”

More Lung Cancer Research Money Is Needed
“Lung cancer kills more people than any other type of cancer. But, as far as research money goes, it's scraping the barrel.”

Roche gets European panel backing for three cancer drugs
“Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG Friday received backing for wider use in the European Union of three of its cancer drugs, and said its Japanese partner Chugai Pharmaceutical's Co. (4519.TO) is about to launch lung cancer drug Tarceva in Japan.”

Drinking Wine Linked to Lower Risk of Lung Cancer
“Drinking wine is associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer, according to a meta-analysis published in the November issue of Cancer Epidemiological Markers & Prevention. Those who consume more than one serving of beer or spirits in any amount, however, were found to have an elevated risk.”

U.S. Rep. Julia Carson Dies Of Lung Cancer
“Congresswoman Julia Carson has died following a battle with lung cancer. The Democrat from Indianapolis died this morning, said family spokesman Vanessa Summers. She was 69.”

Woman Resents Stigma of Lung Cancer
“Faced with the prospect of her own mortality, Amy Saul nonetheless remains optimistic, even feisty - determined that her life and legacy will be a source of hope and strength for others, especially her two sons.”

Quest For a Cure - Cancer Victims Tell Amazing Stories of Survival
“There is no cancer from which someone has not been cured. That hopeful message is one that inspired Gallup resident Kathleen Houlihan when she battled lung cancer in 1999, and it’s a message she continues to share with other cancer patients today.”

Scarves From Volunteers Deliver Special Warmth to Cancer Patients
“Betty Keenum sat waiting for her husband to finish chemotherapy when down from the heavens came a trio of angels wearing smiles and expressions of hope.”

Week Ending December 9, 2007

New Cancer Plan to Focus on Prevention and Surgery Rather Than Expensive Drugs
“New cancer plan to focus on prevention and surgery rather than expensive drugs.”

Novartis Aims to Bring 4 New Cancer Drugs to Market by 2011
“Novartis AG is hoping to start selling four new cancer drugs by 2011, at least one of which could eventually achieve sales annual sales of 1 bln usd, said Novartis Oncology head David Epstein.”

Female Lung Cancer Rises by 15 Per Cent
“Lung cancer in women has risen by 15 per cent in the past decade and is now on par with breast cancer as a leading cause of death from the disease.”

High-Risk Cancer Patients Benefit From New Image-Guided Radiotherapy System
“Cancer specialists at Stony Brook University Medical Center say that a new radiotherapy system that combines high-tech imaging with precision tumour-targeting capability is proving to be very beneficial for the patients.”

Red Dust Cancer Fears in Steel Town
“Red dust from a South Australian steelworks operation may have led to increased lung cancer cases in the region, government authorities have admitted.”

Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce Cancer Risk
“Everyday lifestyle changes -- even what you eat for lunch -- can really reduce your risk for cancer, and you might be surprised to find out what else reduces the risk of lung cancer -- even for smokers.”

Week Ending December 2, 2007

PET Imaging May Improve Lung Cancer Diagnosis
“Tumor imaging with positron emission tomography (PET) may improve the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of lung cancer patients, according to a recent review.”

Test Can Detect Lung Cancer Early
“Lung cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease, responsible for almost 15% of all cancer diagnoses. But there is a simple test that can catch it early, and perhaps save your life.”

Lung Cancer Treatment Using CyberKnife – A Non invasive Surgery
“For patients who cannot take the pressure of surgery, can now take a sigh of relief as CyberKnife brings respite to their ailing condition.”

NC Home To Lung Cancer Studies
“For patients like Tomma Hargraves, clinical trials for cancer mean the difference between life and death. Just a year ago, a lump on her neck led to a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer, but thanks to a clinical trial of a revolutionary treatment, she is now in remission.”

Women Catching Up To Men In Lung Cancer Rates
“Carol Deibert started smoking when she was 13. Now 69 and living in Battle Creek, she doesn’t worry about lung cancer. She figures she’s going to die anyway and sees no reason to quit.”

Aida Announces Completion of Anti-Cancer Drug Phase Two Testing
“Aida Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that the Company has successfully completed Phase II field testing of its anti-cancer drug, Rh-Apo2L. The product of over a decade of research, Rh-Apo2L is intended to be a new drug therapy using a recombinant protein produced by genetic engineering.”

Slow Pace Of Advances Against Cancer Frustrate Researchers
“Despite optimistic claims by American officials that the tide is finally turning against cancer, a growing number of patient advocates and researchers say they are discouraged by continuing slow progress in the 36-year-war against the disease in the United States.”

U.S. Rep. Julia Carson Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, Won't Seek Reelection
“After persevering through years of health problems, Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson has decided that this will be her last term in Congress following a diagnosis that she has terminal lung cancer.”


Week Ending November 24, 2007

Disparities: With Cancer Treatment, an Edge for Rural Patients
“It seems only natural to assume that when cancer strikes people who live in rural areas, more time will pass before it is discovered than for people in cities.”

Avastin Shows Promise as Aggressive Brain Cancer Drug
“Phase II trials of Avastin (bevacizumab) for the treatment of aggressive brain cancer have shown promising results, said Genentech, makers of the drug, who presented their findings at the 12th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Neuro-Oncology that took place between 15th and 18th November, in Dallas, Texas.”

Cyclacel Continues Lung-Cancer Study
“Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Monday it will continue enrolling patients in its midstage program for lung-cancer treatment candidate seliciclib, despite a shortage of continuing patients.”

BREATHE Lung Cancer Conference, Nov. 30, Offers Medical and Patient Education, Advocacy and Survivor's Perspective
“If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with lung cancer, or if you are a physician or medical personnel working with lung cancer patients, you won't want to miss the BREATHE 2007 Lung Cancer Medical and Advocacy Conference.”

Week Ending November 18, 2007

Further Data Show Significantly Improved Survival with CT Screening for Lung Cancer
“Researchers from Japan have reported that individuals undergoing low-dose computed tomography (CT) scans for early detection of lung cancer have a favorable mortality rate of less than 14% at 10 years following diagnosis. The details of this study were published in the December, 2007 issue of Lung Cancer.”

PET Scans Useful For Some Cancer Treatment, But How Do Patients Fare?
“Positron emission tomography or PET scans can help clinicians diagnose and treat some cancers, but it is not clear yet whether the imaging technology helps people with cancer live longer and healthier lives, according to a comprehensive review by the U.K. National Health Service.”

Accuray Exceeds 4,000 Lung Cancer Patients Treated with CyberKnife(R) System
“Accuray Incorporated , a global leader in the field of radiosurgery, today announced that its CyberKnife(R) Robotic Radiosurgery System has been used to treat more than 4,000 lung cancer patients worldwide.”

Tumor-suppressor Gene for Lung Cancer Identified
“The GPRC5A gene, which is under-expressed in human lung cancer cells, suppresses lung tumors in mouse models and could provide a key to attacking lung cancer in humans, researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center report in the Nov. 21 edition of The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.”

Scientists Launch Lung Cancer Early Detection Initiative
“Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation has pledged $10 million to the Canary Foundation to support a unique, new collaborative research program to save lives through early detection of lung cancer.”

Week Ending November 11, 2007

Chemotherapy and Radiation Together Extend Lung Cancer Patients' Lives
"Chemotherapy given at the same time as radiation therapy can help patients with a certain type of lung cancer live nearly 50 percent longer than they might have otherwise if the same treatment was given differently, according to an international team's analysis of several trial results."

Avastin® Added Safely to Paraplatin® and Camptosar® for Small Cell Lung Cancer
"According to the results of a study presented at the 12th World Conference on Lung Cancer, the targeted therapy Avastin® (bevacizumab) can be safely added to chemotherapy with Paraplatin® (carboplatin) and Camptosar® (irinotecan) in patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer."

Cancer Drug Trials Debuting in Lafayette
"Doctors will soon begin the first clinical trials of a homegrown, cutting-edge cancer medicine in Greater Lafayette. The human drug trials -- the first ever in Lafayette -- could offer hope to advanced lung and ovarian cancer patients with tumors that have resisted the usual treatment. The new drug was developed by Endocyte, Inc. in Purdue's Research Park."

No Bones About It: Study Firmly Links Obesity, Cancer
"One of the largest medical studies ever undertaken has confirmed what many public health officials already feared: Being overweight can give you cancer."

Pharmion's Amrubicin Shows Encouraging Results Compared To Standard Of Care In Second Line
"Pharmion Corporation released interim findings from its Phase 2 trial of Amrubicin in second-line chemo-sensitive small cell lung cancer (SCLC)."

Differences in Cancer Stage Presentation Between Rural And Urban Patients Revealed By Study
"New research published in the November issue of The Journal of the American College of Surgeons shows that urban colorectal and lung cancer patients present at later stages of disease than rural patients do. This finding is contrary to the common assumption that rural patients with cancer present at a later stage of disease in comparison with urban patients."

Parents Hold Secret to Beating Cancer
"Cancer sufferers whose parents beat the disease have a better chance of doing the same, according to a Swedish study that suggests survival traits are hereditary."

IEMA encourages people to test homes for radon during Lung Cancer Awareness Month
Radon is leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers "The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is encouraging people to test their homes for radon, a radioactive gas known to cause lung cancer, during the month of November. "

Event Helps Shed Light on Lung Cancer, Stigma
"Kathryn Joosten jokes that the color of the ribbon for lung-cancer support should be ash gray. There's the disease's smoking stigma, little awareness about it and not much funding for research. Besides, the 67-year-old "Desperate Housewives" actress said, there's no other color left for supporting a cause. "

Week Ending November 4, 2007

Scientists Map Gene Flaws Linked to Lung Cancer
"Scientists have mapped the genetic aberrations underlying lung cancer and discovered a gene that plays a critical role in spreading the deadly disease, according to a study published Sunday."

Therapy May Cut Lung Cancer Risk
"Treatment with a derivative of vitamin A called retinoic acid may help to cut former smokers' risk of lung cancer, research suggests."

Combination Targets For Cancer: Some Drugs Work Well Together, Studies Suggest
"While some targeted therapies -- drugs developed to attack specific molecules in the critical chemical pathways occurring within cancer cells -- work well by themselves, increasingly researchers are finding that they work better when teamed with other targeted and conventional therapies."

Virus Shows Some Cancer-Killing Abilities
"While most people associate viruses with human illness, a new study suggests that at least one virus might have cancer-fighting abilities that could be used to treat some metastatic cancers."

Quality of Life Predicts Lung Cancer Survival
"Quality of life is the most important predictor of survival for patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer, U.S. researchers report."

Mechanism Found to Predict Lung Cancer Survival
"The new study, published on Thursday in the medical journal Cancer Research, links high levels of aromatase, an enzyme that makes estrogen from another hormone called androgen, to a more aggressive and lethal form of the cancer."

Coley Pharmaceutical Group and Pfizer Nominate Additional Anti-Cancer Compound for Clinical Development
"Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. , a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing a novel class of drug candidates known as TLR Therapeutics(TM), announced today that Pfizer Inc, its global collaborator in the area of cancer, has nominated a second TLR9 agonist compound discovered by Coley for future clinical development against cancers."

Country Singer Porter Wagoner Dies
"U.S. country singer Porter Wagoner, lanky Grand Ole Opry star whose flashy Nudie rhinestone suits dazzled fans when he sang with rising new performer Dolly Parton in the 60s, died on Sunday from lung cancer, said his publicity agent, Darlene Bieber. He was 80."


Week Ending October 28, 2007

NCCN Updates Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Guidelines
"The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) announces important updates to the NCCN Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Guidelines. The NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology™ are widely recognized and applied as the standard of care in oncology in the United States in both the community and the academic practice settings."

Human Genome Sciences Presents New Data Showing Anti-Tumor Activity And Safety Of Trail Receptor Antibodies In Combination With Chemotherapy
"Human Genome Sciences, Inc. today announced that HGS-ETR2 (lexatumumab) was safe and well tolerated in combination with four different standard chemotherapy regimens in a Phase 1b clinical trial in patients with a wide range of cancer types."

Hana Biosciences Presents Positive Preclinical Data for Three Anti-Cancer Product Candidates At the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference
"Hana Biosciences (Nasdaq:HNAB), a biopharmaceutical company focused on strengthening the foundation of cancer care, presented results from preclinical studies of three of the company's product candidates, Marqibo(r) (vincristine sulfate injection, OPTISOME(tm)), Alocrest(tm) (vinorelbine tartrate injection, OPTISOME(tm)), and Brakiva(tm) (topotecan hydrochloride injection, OPTISOME(tm)) at the "Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics" International Conference sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)."

Experimental Drug Effective in Treating Many Cancer Tumors
"The new experimental drug GSK923295A acts at the cellular level. It acts as inhibitor of a key protein needed for cell division called mitotic kinesin centromere-associated protein E (CENP-E)."

ASCO Statement: Continued Decline In Cancer Death Rates Demonstrates Value Of National Investment In Cancer Research
"A new study published online in the journal Cancer, "Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975-2004", shows that cancer death rates decreased 2.1 percent per year on average from 2002-2004, almost double the annual 1.1 percent per year decrease from 1993-2002."

Aida's Rh-Apo2L Clinical Testing Shows Preliminary Efficacy in Helping to Treat Lung Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lymphoma, Pancreatic Cancer & Kidney Cancer
"Aida Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced an update on its testing of Rh-Apo2L, the next large-scale product to be launched by the Company into the China market."

Spending More For Lung Cancer Treatment Did Not Substantially Increase Patients' Lives
"A new study finds that survival for elderly patients with lung cancer has changed little despite large increases in healthcare expenditures for lung cancer treatment."

New Data May Help Guide the Clinical Development of Biomira's PX-478 and PX-866
"Biomira Inc. announced today that preclinical data for its targeted anti-cancer drug candidates PX-478 and PX-866 were presented in a poster session yesterday at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, which is being held October 22-26 in San Francisco."

Potential Early Warning System for Lung Cancer Identified
"The British Midlands Development Corporation announced that new research from The University of Nottingham has pinpointed a potential early warning system for lung cancer."

New Radiation Cancer Therapy Improves Care, Avoids Healthy Tissue
"New advancements in a radiation oncology treatment called IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) are proving far superior to standard radiation procedures used today in safeguarding the healthy tissues surrounding cancerous tumors, and thus improving patient care."

House Panel Seeks Data
"A congressional committee is asking the National Cancer Institute to scrutinize the financial records of about 50 researchers leading a big government study of whether annual medical scans of smokers' lungs can save lives."

Cancer Leads in Death, But Not in Research Funds
"As a pulmonary physician and scientist who researches lung cancer, I find the inaccuracy that breast and colon cancers are the leading killers as profoundly frustrating as it is unsurprising ("Cancer death rates fall even faster," Oct. 15)."

Week Ending October 21, 2007

Pharmion Initiates Pivotal Phase 3 Study of Amrubicin In Small Cell Lung Cancer
"Pharmion Corporation announced the initiation of an international pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating amrubicin, the Company's third-generation synthetic anthracycline, in the treatment of second-line small cell lung cancer (SCLC)."

DMP1 Deletion Cooperates With Oncogenic K-ras In Lung Cancer
"Scientists have identified the transcription factor DMP1 as a pivotal tumor suppressor for both human and mouse lung cancers, especially in carcinomas that exhibit intact Arf-p53 pathways. The research, published by Cell Press in the October 2007 issue of Cancer Cell, may lead to development of new drug therapies for lung cancer."

Cytokinetics Announces Preclinical Data for GSK-923295 to Be Presented at the 2007 AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference
"Cytokinetics, Incorporated announced today that two posters covering preclinical data from research on the mitotic kinesin centromere-associated protein E (CENP-E) and an inhibitor of CENP-E, GSK-923295, will be presented at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics to be held from October 22-26, 2007 at the Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, California."

Telik: FDA Removes Partial Hold on Lung Cancer Drug Candidate
"Telik, Inc. said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration removed the partial hold on clinical trials of its lung cancer drug candidate Telcyta, after a complete review of the data by the agency."

Glaxo Wins Approval for Lung Cancer Drug
"The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug Hycamtin (also known as topotecan) as a treatment for relapsed small cell lung cancer (SCLC).The capsules are manufactured by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline PLC."

Spending More for Lung Cancer Treatment Did Not Substantially Increase Patients' Lives
"A new study finds that survival for elderly patients with lung cancer has changed little despite large increases in healthcare expenditures for lung cancer treatment."

Think Green to Reduce Cancer Risk
"A balanced, plant-based diet can reduce your risk of cancer by up to 40 percent."That's not saying that you have to be a vegetarian," says registered dietitian Sally Scroggs, senior health education coordinator for the Cancer Prevention Center at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center."

Publicist: Wagoner Has Lung Cancer
"Porter Wagoner has lung cancer and remains hospitalized in serious condition, a publicist for the country singer said Saturday."

Week Ending October 14, 2007

Selects START to Manage Cancer Drug Trial
"Proteolix Inc. and South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START) has begun enrollment of the first patient in a Phase 1 clinical trial for a new investigational cancer drug."

Potential Early Warning System for Lung Cancer Identified
"An immune system protein could act as an early warning system for lung cancer, reveals research published ahead of print in the journal Thorax."

Blood Test May Detect Lung Cancer Early
"A blood test for tumor antibodies may allow earlier detection of lung cancer, even for node-negative patients, researchers here said."

Lung Cancer Genes Can Stop Tumor Formation
"U.S. scientists have discovered reversing the effects of three specific genes that cause lung cancer can result in the blockage of tumor formation."

UPDATE 1-Threshold's Lung Cancer Study Does Not Meet Goal
"Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc. said a mid-stage study of its experimental drug glufosfamide to treat small cell lung cancer did not meet the main goal of objective response rate and that it will stop further enrollment in the trial."

MIT Receives $100M for New Cancer Center
"The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has received a $100 million gift from U.S. industrialist David Koch to create a comprehensive cancer center."

Lung Cancer to Affect More Women than Breast Cancer Shortly – Minister
"Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in Maltese women, but lung cancer will overtake it in the next few years, Health Minister Louis Deguara told the annual Hilda Schembri Memorial Lecture."

'Occupational Cancer Epidemic'
"The number of people dying from cancer contracted in the workplace is being under-estimated by the Government, a report claims."

Kenya: Medics Say Lung Cancer Risk Undervalued
"If you are a non-smoker, the move by a number of local authorities to ban smoking in public might have just saved your life."

Butterfly Ball Will Raise Funds to Fight Lung Cancer
"Reservations are still available for the American Lung Association of Michigan's (ALAM) black tie fund raiser, The Butterfly Ball, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 3, 6 p.m. to midnight at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center."

Daffs Mark Battles With Cancer
"About 35 people planted daffodil bulbs in a special garden in memory of loved ones lost to cancer, or in celebration of someone who had survived the disease."

Roy Rosenzweig, Digital Historian, Dies of Lung Cancer
"Roy Rosenzweig, a leading advocate of using digital mediums and computer technology to reshape the discipline of history and reach the public, died on Thursday of lung cancer, The Washington Post reported. Mr. Rosenzweig was 57."

Week Ending October 7, 2007

Broadway Actor George Grizzard Dies at 79 of Lung Cancer in New York
"George Grizzard, a Tony Award-winning actor who won acclaim for performing in Edward Albee's plays and also appeared in movies and television shows over a 50-year career, has died. He was 79."

Apology for Patient Refused Scan
"A woman who might have had lung cancer won an apology today after she was denied money for a scan on the NHS."

Filmaker with Lung Cancer Dies After Long Fight
"Susan DeWitt, the mother who made a documentary on the dangers of smoking aimed towards teens, has died."

Cold Virus May be Used in Fight Against Cancer
"British scientists who have genetically engineered a virus which normally causes heavy colds so that it attacks cancer believe it could yield a new way to fight the disease."

Giant Cigarette Companies Try to BUY Oregonian Votes and Plaid Pantry Profits from Promoting Cigarette Sales [reads: Lung Cancer
"Big, out of state tobacco companies are throwing MILLIONS of dollars at Oregon Voters ... hoping to buy the votes of the very same people who they lied to for decades as they poisoned us."

Genetic Cancer Therapy Shows Promise
"A group of researchers has succeeded in suppressing the growth of cancer cells in mice by injecting into tumors a gene that inhibits the function of carcinogenic oncogenes."

Women More Afraid Of Alzheimer's Than Cancer, Poll Show
"When it comes to preventing cancer, women believe they're doing more than they actually are. Perhaps most surprising, women are more afraid of getting Alzheimer's disease than cancer, even though cancer causes nearly ten times more deaths per year."

Roche Slashes Price of Lung Cancer Drug
"Roche has cut the price of its new lung cancer drug, Tarceva, by nearly 30 per cent in England and Wales in a pioneering effort to gain market share and win National Health Service reimbursement."

Lung Cancer in Never Smokers — A Different Disease
"Although most lung cancers are a result of smoking, approximately 25% of lung cancer cases worldwide are not attributable to tobacco use, accounting for over 300,000 deaths each year."

Hakim Cured of Lung Cancer in Tehran
"Leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC) Abdel-Aziz Hakim, who suffered lung cancer, has been treated in Tehran hospital."


Week Ending September 31, 2007

Living to the End
"Lovelle Svart, who shared through online videos the struggle and choices of her final months, ended her life September 28 by taking a drug overdose prescribed at her request under Oregon's Death With Dignity Act. She was 62 and had lived with lung cancer for nearly five years."

Donation To Build New Saint Joseph Cancer Center
"Saint Joseph’s Hospital has received a commitment of $5 million from William B. Erb for the creation of the Florence Hays Erb Cancer Center on the hospital’s Sandy Springs campus."

She Doesn't Let Cancer Keep Her Down
"Felicia Monticelli's cancer hasn't stopped her from doing the things she enjoys most, like showing her artistic side."

Progen's Experimental Drug Fails in Lung Cancer Study (Update1)
"Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the Australian developer of oncology medicines, said its leading product candidate failed a study in patients with advanced lung cancer."

TriCore to Test Lung Cancer Diagnostics
"Biomoda Inc. of Albuquerque, which develops cancer diagnostic technology, announced that the city's TriCore Reference Laboratories will test Biomoda's early lung-cancer detection test as part of its clinical programs."

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI) Receives SPA Approval from FDA and Launches Gender-Specific Phase III Trial for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
"Cell Therapeutics, Inc. said today it has begun a confirmatory phase III clinical trial of combination chemotherapy for women with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) -- the most lethal cancer facing women today."

ASCO Pushes Cancer Survivors' Checklist
"You've finished the surgery, the radiation, the chemotherapy. You're a winner, a cancer survivor. Now what? A new push is on to provide patients with "survivor plans," long-awaited blueprints for the customized follow-up care they'll require for years."

He Trolls Genome for Cancer Clues
"When Levi Garraway heard that his father was dying of prostate cancer, he decided to do something about it. At the time Garraway was writing his PhD dissertation on infectious diseases."

Zoledronic Acid Boosts Survival in Lung Cancer Patients With High N-Telopeptide Levels: Presented at ECCO
" Zoledronic acid treatment appears to improve survival in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and high levels of N-telopeptide, according to data reported here at the 14th European Cancer Conference (ECCO)."

Pfizer Says Phase II Data of Cancer Drug Sunitinib Malate Positive
" Pfizer Inc reported positive results from a new phase II study of its cancer drug sunitinib malate, in which patients with advanced gastric cancer demonstrated tolerability of the drug."

Eli Lilly: Studies Suggest Key Correlation Between Lung Cancer Subtype and Treatment 0utcomes
"In clinical research, patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer that are classified as having a non-squamous histology achieve statistically significant higher survival when treated in the second-line setting with ALIMTA (pemetrexed for injection) when compared to histologically-similar patients treated with docetaxel. The data (ECCO Abstract # 6521)(1) were presented at the 14th European Cancer Conference in Barcelona."

Lung Cancer Poses Deadliest Threat - By Far
"Cross-sectional scan showing top-to-bottom views of the lungs revealed Sherry Walker's tiny tumour. In the time it takes to read the next few paragraphs, someone will die of lung cancer somewhere in the world."

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Reports Positive Interim Results of U.K. Phase Ia/Ib Combination REOLYSIN(R) and Radiation Clinical Trial
"Oncolytics Biotech Inc. today announced that an oral presentation covering interim results from a U.K. Phase Ia/Ib combination REOLYSIN(R) and radiation clinical trial for patients with advanced or metastatic cancers is scheduled to be presented at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) conference on October 2, 2007 in Birmingham, U.K."

More Research Needed To Advance Knowledge of Sex Differences In Lung Cancer
"The Society for Women's Health Research gathered three lung cancer experts on Capitol Hill on September 17, 2007 to inform Congress on the need for increased funding to research lung cancer and its impact on women."

Week Ending September 23, 2007

Lung Cancer Test Looks For Discomforting Quiet Among Protective Genes
"When it is quiet -- "almost too quiet" -- in movies, it is a sign that something is about to go wrong for the good guys. This holds true for the genes that protect against lung cancer, as researchers at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, have learned."

Hysterical Mutism Associated With a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
"Being confronted with the diagnosis of cancer brings various kinds of emotional reactions—mainly, shock, disbelief, anxiety, and denial. Rarely do these reactions appear as organized psychic symptoms buffering the devastating impact of such information."

Tiny Sensor Could Spot Cancer Early
"A small, cheaply produced device could hold the key to detecting cancer at its earliest and most curable stage, developers say."

MedImmune Cancer Drug Receives Orphan Drug Designation
"The FDA has granted Infinity Pharmaceuticals and MedImmune's gastrointestinal stromal tumors drug orphan status. The candidate, IPI-504, currently being evaluated in two separate multi-center clinical trials in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) and other soft tissue sarcomas (STS), and in patients with non-small cell lung cancer."

Gene Chip Data Improved Therapy In Some Patients With Incurable Cancer
"Like many oncologists, Eric P. Lester, M.D., was faced with a dilemma: seven patients with advanced, incurable cancer, an arsenal of drugs that may or may not help them, and not enough solid proof about treatment efficacy to guide him."

Canadian Cancer Society Invests $1.5M to Boost Lung Cancer Research "The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to announce the launch of a new research initiative to fight lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer for men and women."

Newly Published Phase II Study Shows the Investigational Drug Vandetanib Prolongs Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer(NSCLC)
"Results published today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology show that the AstraZeneca investigational once-daily oral anti-cancer drug vandetanib (ZACTIMA), in combination with docetaxel, improved progression free survival (PFS) in patients with advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)."

AACR: Tumor Protein May Offer Potential for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
"A protein expressed by virtually all lung cancers offers the potential for a serum biomarker that could lead to early diagnosis of more patients, investigators reported here."

Low Blood Cell Counts: Side effect of Cancer Treatment
"It's very important to be vigilant for low blood cell counts during cancer treatment. Know what your doctor is looking for and what you should be watching for, too."

Patients Caught in HSE Stand-Off
"Hospital co-location plans are steaming ahead, while radiotherapy services stall. While the debate rages over the delay in delivering badly needed radiotherapy services, patients with cancer are waiting for up to six months for life-saving treatment."

Hundreds Come Out for Lung Cancer Awareness Run and Walk
"Nearly 400 people came out to support the seventh annual Lung Cancer Awareness 5K run and walk."

CNY Walk and Rally for Lung Cancer at Long Branch Park
"It's the deadliest form of cancer in this country, and Saturday, hundreds came out for the first annual CNY Walk and Rally for Lung Cancer. The event raises money for the Lungevity Foundation, which is a national foundation for lung cancer research. Survivors say events like this are very important to them."

Week Ending September 16, 2007

Routine Lung Cancer Screening Not Advised
"Guidelines released Monday by the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) indicate that at present lung cancer screening with CT scanning and other methods is generally not warranted outside of research studies."

Herbs, Massage or Hypnosis?
"Every day, cancer patients walk into their doctors' offices and neglect to mention the other treatment they are pursuing on the side: the herbal supplements, the hypnosis, the trip to the acupuncturist. And doctors, with little information to offer on such therapies, often don't ask."

New Options In 'Personalized' Cancer Treatment And Prevention
"Scientists and clinicians from around the world will gather in Atlanta, Georgia the week of September 17 at the American Association for Cancer Research's second International Conference on Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer Therapeutic Development."

Photodynamic Therapy Effective for Patients with Early Lung Cancer Not Eligible for Surgery
"According to an article recently published in Thorax, treatment with photodynamic therapy is an effective strategy for patients who have early lung cancer located in the center of the lungs and are not eligible for surgery."

Martin Abeloff, Head of Hopkins Cancer Center, Dies at 65
"A breast and lung cancer specialist, he helped double the size of the center, colleagues say Dr. Martin D. Abeloff, an internationally recognized oncologist who led the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center for 15 years, died of leukemia Friday at the hospital where he spent most of his professional career."

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI) Sponsors Panel Discussion on Women and Lung Cancer on Capitol Hill
"Cell Therapeutics, Inc., along with the Society for Women's Health Research, the Lung Cancer Alliance and others, will sponsor a panel discussion entitled "Lung Cancer: Being Female Matters to Research," on Capitol Hill to discuss advances in the research and treatment of lung cancer in women on Monday, September 17."

Site for Cancer Doctors Aims to Be One-Stop Shop - Gives Free Journal Access to Health-Care Workers, Patients
"For doctors and other health-care workers who treat cancer patients, keeping track of the latest scientific studies is a daunting but necessary task."

Genetics Hold Promise, Challenges for Cancer Care
"Someday in the future, people may routinely have doctors scan their personal genomes, looking for this or that aberrant gene to help prevent, spot or treat a cancer."

Frederick Woman Walks for a Cure for Cancer
"Felicia Monticelli is what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control refer to as a "never-smoker." But in August 2005, doctors told this mother of a 5-year-old, vegetarian, yoga participant and avid hiker that she had a lung tumor roughly 53Ú4 centimeters in diameter."

IASLC: PET Imaging Needs Backup in Lung Cancer
"Positron emission tomography (PET) scans can be useful for staging lung cancer but may not be sufficient alone, researchers affirmed."

Week Ending September 9, 2007

Aranesp(R) Study Showing No Negative Impact On Survival In SCLC Presented At World Conference On Lung Cancer
"Amgen presented the results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 study evaluating the efficacy and safety of Aranesp(R) (darbepoetin alfa) in previously untreated patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) receiving chemotherapy ("the 145 study") on Monday, Sept. 3 at the 2007 World Conference on Lung Cancer in Seoul, Korea."

Boehringer Ingelheim To Initiate First Phase III Pivotal Study For New Oncology Compound BIBW 2992
"Boehringer Ingelheim announced from the 12th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) that the company plans to commence Phase III pivotal trials in lung cancer with BIBW 2992, its novel, second generation, potent, irreversibly binding, dual inhibitor of EGFR and HER2 and thereby further demonstrated its commitment to discovery and development of novel compounds in oncology."

TGen Researchers Investigate Saliva For Use As A Possible Lung Cancer Screening Test
"Researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) have begun collecting saliva samples as part of a pilot study aimed at determining whether saliva contains information that may one day help physicians identify lung cancer earlier."

House Majority Leader Recovering From Cancer Surgery
"Doctors removed a cancerous tumor from his lung. The 63-year-old was diagnosed with lung cancer eight years ago but announced two years ago he was cancer free."

Molecular Pathway May Predict Chemotherapy Effectiveness
"A common molecular pathway could help physicians predict which lung cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy drugs, according to new research from a multidisciplinary team at the University of Cincinnati (UC)."

Dual Radiation And Drug Approach Most Effective In Lung Cancer Treatment
Combining radiation therapy with a drug that helps destroy blood vessels nourishing malignant tumors has been shown in mice to be significantly more effective in treating lung cancer than either approach alone, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found.

Merck Serono: Stimuvax® Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine - Phase II Data Highlight Three-Year Survival Results For Lung Cancer Patients
"Merck Serono announced three year survival results from a randomized Phase II trial for the Stimuvax MUC-1 vaccine in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) Congress in Seoul, South Korea. The results suggest that Stimuvax combined with best supportive care (BSC) may provide survival benefits to patients with unresectable stage IIIB NSCLC who had either responded or had stable disease after initial radio-chemotherapy compared to patients receiving BSC alone."

Lung Cancer Must be Detected Earlier
"Lung cancer kills one person every minute in Asia, and in most cases, the disease was detected too late for effective treatment, medical experts said."

Smoking's Risk-Filled Legacy
"Quitting smoking lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke quickly, but the risk of lung cancer goes down very slowly. A new study might help explain why."


August 25, 2007 – September 5, 2007

Menopause May Bring Better Lung Cancer Survival
"While, overall, women with advanced stage lung cancer tend to live longer than men, the same is not true for premenopausal women, researchers found."

HIV Drug Might Fight Cancer
"A drug used as part of a regimen to treat HIV also appears to kill cancer cells, researchers from the U.S. National Cancer Institute report."

Lung Surgery Could Help More Cancer Patients
"Lung surgery may soon be a new option for tens of thousands of cancer patients around the world.
A group of international lung cancer specialists is overhauling a decades-old method used to determine which patients qualify for surgery."

YM Biosciences Announces Positive Preliminary Results from PhaseI/II Lung Cancer Trial of Nimotuzumab Combined with Radiation.
"YM BioSciences Inc., an oncology company that identifies, develops and commercializes differentiated products for patients worldwide, today announced positive preliminary results from the first two cohorts of the Phase I part of a Phase I/II trial of nimotuzumab in combination with radiation for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who are unsuitable for radical chemotherapy."

Stereotactic Single-Dose Radiotherapy an Option For Early Lung Cancer
"Clinicians from Germany have found stereotactic single-dose radiotherapy to be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with stage I and II non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) not amenable to surgery."

Eli Lilly says Benefits of Lung Cancer Drug Alimta Affirmed in Asian Study
"Eli Lilly and Company said two new studies conducted in Asia have demonstrated the clinical benefit of its lung cancer drug Alimta."

New Technique Detects Specific Chromosomal Damage, May Indicate Lung Cancer Risk
"A new technique could pave the way toward screening people at risk for lung cancer for the genetic changes that may foreshadow malignancies, researchers from the University of Colorado say."

Norwalk Hospital Studies Targeting Brain Cancer Treatment
"New research studies at Norwalk Hospital are targeting one of the most difficult types of cancer to treat: lung cancer that has spread to the brain."

Lung Cancer 'Risk' for Ex-Smokers
"Smoking appears to permanently alter the activity of key genes, even though most cigarette damage is repaired over time."

Secondhand Smoke Causes Cancer in Pets
"Secondhand smoke isn't just a health threat to people. It can also hurt dogs and cats, veterinarians say."

Gay Brewer, Former Masters and Canadian Open Champion, Dies at Age 75
"Gay Brewer, the 1967 Masters champion who won 11 times on the PGA Tour, died Friday at his home after a fight with lung cancer."

Week Ending August 26, 2007

Presidential Hopefuls to Talk About Cancer
" The Livestrong Foundation is sponsoring presidential cancer forums next week in Iowa in an effort to make cancer research a priority for the next president."

Lung Cancer Endowment Meets First Goal
" Since Binghamton resident Michael Connolly died from lung cancer in 2002, his family's healing journey is a focused one."

UK's NICE Upholds Block on Lilly Lung Cancer Drug
" Britain's healthcare cost-effectiveness watchdog said on Wednesday that Eli Lilly and Co's drug Alimta would not be recommended as a treatment for lung cancer on the state health service."

Bits Of 'Junk' RNA Aid Master Tumor-suppressor Gene: Loss Is Linked To Common Lung Cancer
" Little-known bits of RNA help master tumor-suppressor gene do its job, U-M cancer researchers find. Three micro RNA genes appear to be key partners of protective gene p53; their loss is linked to common type of lung cancer."

Sanofi-Aventis and Regeneron Begin Phase 3 Trials of Cancer Drug
" Sanofi-Aventis and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc have begun two phase 3 trials of a jointly-developed drug on patients with prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer."

GlaxoSmithKline Accelerates Review of Exelixis' XL880
" Exelixis, Inc. today announced that it has agreed to a request from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to initiate its review of XL880 before the compound reaches proof-of-concept."

Former Justice McAnulty Dies of Cancer
" Former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice William McAnulty died Thursday night after fighting lung cancer that had spread to his brain."

'I Live Car to Car': Cancer Survivor's Body of Work Defies the Odds
" Doctors gave him six months to live on April Fool's Day. This was no bad joke. Lung cancer had spread throughout S.W. Bardwell's body."

Paper In Advances In Experimental Medicine And Biology Reports Alfacell's ONCONASE(R) Enhances Effect Of Radiation In Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
" Alfacell Corporation announced that a paper published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (2007; 599: 53-60) reports that ONCONASE significantly enhances the effect of the radiation response in human non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in vitro and in vivo."

Week Ending August 19, 2007

Sex Differences in Lung Cancer Treatment
" Women with advanced-staged lung cancer have a better overall survival rate than men, but there's a catch: the finding seems only to hold true for women aged sixty and older. For women under the age of sixty, the survival rate drops to the same level as men."

Cancer Survivor Will Lead Bike Ride
" A January visit to the doctor for what appeared to be a case of bronchitis led instead to a diagnosis of small-cell lung cancer, extensive stage."

Presidential Report Calls on Gov't to Push Healthy Living More
" A new presidential report on cancer takes on not only tobacco companies but the food industry while calling on the federal government to "cease being a purveyor of unhealthy foods" and switch to policies that encourage Americans to eat vegetables and exercise."

Brain Radiation Treatment Boosts Lung Cancer Survival
" Radiation treatment focused on the brain boosts the survival of people with lung cancer that has spread significantly, a Dutch study shows."

Relay Fundraiser Fuels Cancer Fight - 24-Hour Event Focuses on Lung Disease, Honors Survivors, Those Who Died
" Families will trek this weekend in honor of cancer survivors and those who have succumbed to the disease."

Myriad Genetics Commences Phase 2 Trial Of Azixa For Lung Cancer - Update [MYGN]
" Myriad Genetics Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, said Thursday a third Phase 2 clinical trial of Azixa for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer that has spread to the brain has begun."

Ixabepilone Evaluated in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Bladder Cancer and Prostate Cancer
" There have been three recent clinical trials evaluating ixabepilone, in NSCLC, bladder cancer and prostate cancer. Ixabepilone is an epothilone B analog that binds to microtubules and results in microtubule stabilization and mitotic arrest."

A Guilty Secret From a Patient's Past
" He was an old physician, and I was a young specialist, sent to see him after he had been hospitalized by his primary doctor because his chest X-ray showed a lesion."

Week Ending August 12, 2007

Never Giving Up Hope - Cancer Drug Results Described As "Miracle"
"Tersa Kane speaks about her ordeal with lung cancer in front of a quilt made by fellow Warsaw School teachers in Pittsfield and her family in a show of support for her on Wednesday. Kaine has stage 4 cancer and is undergoing an experimental treatment."

Defective Gene Link to Lung Cancer
"Scientists have identified a genetic mutation that makes lung cancer more aggressive and increases the likelihood of its spreading."

Bevacizumab Boosts Stroke and MI Risk in Metastatic Cancer
"When bevacizumab (Avastin) is added to chemotherapy for metastatic cancer it raises the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and other arterial thromboembolic events, found researchers here."

CyberKnife(R) System Extracranial Treatments Grow 75 Percent in Fiscal Year 2007
"Accuray Incorporated , a global leader in the field of radiosurgery, announced today that use of its CyberKnife(R) Robotic Radiosurgery System to treat extracranial tumors non-invasively has increased by 75 percent worldwide during Accuray's fiscal year ending June 30, 2007."

Lung Cancer Survivor and Family Endow New Cancer Professorship
"The University of Kentucky College of Medicine is establishing an endowed professorship in lung cancer research thanks to the efforts of the Shumate family."

Mutation in LKB1 helps lung cancers develop into aggressive cases
"Flaws in a key gene LKB1 helps lung cancers develop swiftly into metastasising tumors according to a study in mice led by by Kwok-Kin Wong of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute."

Cancer Charity Seeks Support
"The organizers behind a charity that helps Lakes Region residents purchase life-saving cancer medication is reaching out to the community for support. The Anderson Pharmacy Fund for Oncology Patients has been working with LRGHealthcare since 2002 to provide thousands of dollars each year for those needing help paying for expensive cancer medications."

Outskirts Press Announces the Accidental Caretaker, the Latest Highly-Anticipated Health - Cancer Book from Canton, Ga Author Bill Dillard
"Outskirts Press, Inc. has published The Accidental Caretaker: Battling Cancer for a Loved One and Your Life! by Bill Dillard, which is the author’s most recent book to date."

State Hunts Cancer Clusters
"More heavily populated northern Del. needs attention before Sussex, activists argue
Spurred by discovery of a lung cancer cluster in southeastern Sussex County, Delaware health officials plan to review cancer data for the entire state in search of other trouble spots."

New and Free Resource Called Living With a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
"Have you been thinking about lung cancer and longing for the most reliable facts and figures on this number one cancer killer?"

The Carotenes Story - Do Lycopene and Other Carotenes Have a Role in Cancer Prevention?
"There was a recent story on the health benefits of tomato, linking it to reducing cancer risk (The Star, July 29, 2007). The functional ingredient in tomato believed to be responsible for this health benefit is lycopene (pronounced as lai-ko-pin)."

Week Ending August 5, 2007

Powerful Lung Cancer Suppressor Identified
"Researchers have identified a gene LKB1 that acts as a tumour suppressor, and mutation in which leads to accelerated lung tumor growth. The gene is found in almost a quarter of all human lung cancers and in mice its mutation results in aggressive tumors that are more likely to spread throughout the body."

They Are Cancer Sticks - The Medical Experts Link Smoking and Lung Disease
"It was the beginning of the end of America's long love affair with the cigarette. On July 12, 1957, U.S. Surgeon General Leroy Burney announced the unequivocal findings of a commission of top American doctors: ‘Excessive cigarette smoking,’ he said, ‘is one of the causative factors of lung cancer.’"

Hollywood Could Set Stage With Smoking Ban
"Disney did something right just recently. They decided to ban cigarette smoking from all Disney movies. They've yet to extend the ban, however, to include more adult-oriented (meaning, of course, teen-oriented) films coming from their Buena Vista and Miramax divisions."

Senate Reiterates Calls for Making Lung Cancer Research a National Priority
"Late in session last night, the U.S. Senate unanimously reconfirmed its commitment to making lung cancer research a national public health priority."

Therapeutic Effects of STAT3 Decoy 0ligodeoxynucleotide On Human Lung Cancer In Xenograft Mice
"Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is usually constitutively activated in a variety of malignancies. Therefore, STAT3 may be a promising target for treatment of tumor cells."

OncoGenex Initiates Phase I Clinical Trial of OGX-427
"OncoGenex announced enrollment of the first patient in an open-label, dose-escalation, multicenter Phase I clinical study evaluating a new investigational drug, OGX-427, in patients with breast, ovarian, bladder, prostate or lung cancer."

Tommy Makem, 74, Hero of Irish Folk Music, Dies
"Tommy Makem, a songwriter, balladeer and folk singer who with the Clancy Brothers and as a soloist introduced a raucous, revolutionary take on time-honored Irish folk music, first in the United States and then in Ireland, died Wednesday in Dover, N.H. He was 74."

Cancer And Lung Transplant Survivor Returns To Work
"Jerrold Dash is greeted by Lockheed Martin Vice President June Shrewsbury on Wednesday as he returns to his desk. It was almost as though Jerrold Dash was returning from a distant war that left him bludgeoned, but not beaten. Dash, 34, who does not smoke or drink, received new lungs during a seven-hour operation at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, Calif., in March."

Will Florida Ban Smoking In Bars?
"Many states have prohibited smoking in bars, and it is very possible Florida could be the next.
Fifty chemicals in secondhand smoke can cause cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control."


Week Ending July 29, 2007

Palm Beach Mayor's Wife Dies
"Yong Ash McDonald, the wife of Palm Beach Mayor Jack McDonald, died Thursday at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach after a yearlong bout with lung cancer. She was 58."

Sometimes it’s a long, hard road: West Salem native battling lung cancer after enduring transplant
"Tammy Long looked through two albums filled with narrative and pictures of her with doctors, nurses and hospital visitors."

Exelixis Retains Right to Develop and Commercialize XL647
"Exelixis, Inc. today announced that GlaxoSmithKline has decided not to exercise its option to license XL647 for further development and commercialization. As a result, Exelixis retains the right to develop and commercialize XL647 either independently or in collaboration with third parties."

Survey Finds Many Americans Believe Unsubstantiated Claims About Cancer
"Evidence indicates that healthy behavior depends in part on an accurate assessment of proven risk factors. Previous research has shown that undue concern over unproven risk factors may distract some attention from proven risk factors and might actually result in decisions that are bad for the health."

Added Chemotherapy Improves Lung Cancer Survival
"A course of chemotherapy prior to standard treatment, known as "induction" chemotherapy, appears to improve survival in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the most common type of lung cancer, according to a report in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics."

Free Booklet Gives the Facts on Lung Cancer
"People diagnosed with the number one cancer killer, lung cancer, now have a new resource for information from the National Lung Cancer Partnership."

Stage 1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Benefits From Early Aggressive Treatment
"Given that long-term survival of untreated stage 1 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is virtually nil, and that five-year survival of surgically resected stage I NSCLC is as high as 80 per cent, early surgical resection and ablative therapy is indicated, according to investigators at the University of California at San Francisco."

PET Scan Shows If Radiation Is Shrinking Lung Tumor
"Lung cancer patients may not need to wait till their radiation treatment is over to know if it worked. A PET scan several weeks after starting radiation treatment for lung cancer can indicate whether the tumor will respond to the treatment, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center."

Nanoscale Dots Target and Track Apoptosis
"The availability of a real-time assay of apoptosis would provide a critically useful tool for oncologists, who would then have the means to determine whether a given therapeutic approach was working soon after that therapy was started."

Algorithm Selects Best Cancer Treatment
"U.S. medical scientists have created an algorithm that can sort molecular information about a tumor, helping select the best drug treatment."

Smoker Dies Of Lung Cancer, Children Sue For Asbestos Exposure
"From 1946 until 1955 Floyd Williams Sr. worked as a pipe fitter at the Port Arthur Texaco refinery. Five decades later he died of lung cancer. "

Week Ending July 15, 2007

National Lung Cancer Partnership Debuts New Patient Tools
"Two new patient education tools are now available for people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer."

Surgeons Call For More "Keyhole" Lung Surgery
"A video assisted surgery technique used to remove entire sections of cancerous lung, called thorascopic lobectomy, should become the standard of care for more lung cancer patients, say researchers."

Loved One Has Cancer? Here's What Not To Do
"Lori Hope was already emotionally sensitive from a cancer diagnosis when she noticed some of the people she was closest to her were saying all the wrong things."

Inflammatory Genes Raise Lung Cancer Risk
"Changes in two genes that activate the immune system after tissue damage may increase lung cancer risk, researchers report."

Peregrine To Initiate Lung Cancer Drug Trial
"Peregrine Pharmaceuticals has submitted a clinical protocol with the Drug Controller General of India for a Phase II trial of bavituximab in combination with chemotherapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer."

New Breath Test Detects Lung Cancer
"Testing exhaled breath with a small sensor array can detect lung cancer with moderate accuracy, researchers report."

Community Rallies In Fight Against Cancer
"Plain white paper sacks, each one lovingly decorated, line the Lansing High School track."

Beating Cancer On Faith
"The doctor looked up from the test results and told Roy Livingstone he had cancer in both lungs and two lymph nodes."

'Shirl'z Angels' Gather To Support Cancer Survivor
"Shirley Bertschinger has been saying for years how nice it would be if her whole family attended the Michigan Apple Run at the same time."

Study: Erbitux Ineffective In Lung Cancer
"Erbitux, the colorectal cancer drug marketed by ImClone Systems Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., is ineffective in slowing down the growth of lung-cancer tumors, results of a large-scale clinical trial show."

What Women Need To Know About Lung Disease
"Doctors are becoming aware just how susceptible women are to lung disease, and a new report from the National Women's Health Resource Center shows how an early diagnosis can save lives."

Longtime Local Gator Hunter Passes
"Tony Hunter had a love affair with life. Learning that his was ending didn't change that."

The Lost Promise Of An Antismoking Vaccine
"Imagine first creating, and then essentially abandoning, an innovative life-saving vaccine."

A Ride To Remember
"After a three-year battle with cancer, Boyer, 67, died in April, but his memory lives on, especially at the Cumberland County American Red Cross, where he volunteered for years."

County Mourning Deputy Administrator
"A moment of silent contemplation to mark the passing of Monmouth County Deputy Administrator Kathleen Ann Brady will take place at the start of freeholder board meetings today."

Barry Haraden 71 Good-Humored Accountant
"If there was one thing Barry J. Haraden took seriously, it was laughter."

Week Ending July 8, 2007

Researchers Discover Method For Identifying How Cancer Evades The Immune System
"One of the fundamental traits of a tumor - how it avoids the immune system - might become its greatest vulnerability, according to researchers from the University of Southern California."

Surgeons Say Minimally Invasive Lung Surgery Should Be Standard Care
"Major U.S. academic medical centers can successfully-and safely-integrate minimally invasive lung surgery into their training programs with a standardized, step-by-step plan, according to University of Cincinnati (UC) thoracic surgeons."

Columbia Photographer Remembered For Embracing The Future
"As the family looked for pictures of Roger Berg for his visitation, they found it difficult."

Aveo's Cancer Drug Research Rests On Finding The Right Mouse
Want a better cancer drug? Start with a better tumor."

Epigenomics AG Successfully Optimized Assay Procedure for Cancer Screening Tests
"Epigenomics AG has reached a milestone in completing the work on an optimized assay procedure for its blood-based cancer screening tests."

Skin Rash Actually Signifies Better Outcomes for Pancreatic and Lung Cancer Patients
"The appearance of a rash in cancer patients treated with erlotinib (Tarceva) is strongly associated with longer survival, according to researchers from the drug’s developer, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc."

Unsuspecting Cancer Victim Saved By Timely Intervention
"What Dr. Michael Longley saw on Tim Bradshaw’s X-ray was just a small, 3-4 centimeter shadow, but it was enough to raise suspicions."

The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation Hosted Lung Cancer
"The Bonnie J. Addario "A Breath Away from the Cure" Lung Cancer Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco and San Carlos, California, hosted Lung Cancer: Drive it off the Earth Golf Tournament II at Green Hills Country Club in Millbrae, California, on Monday, June 25, 2007 with a shotgun start at high noon."

Former Friars Guard Walker Dies Of Lung Cancer
"Former Providence great Jimmy Walker, the only player from a New England college to be selected with the first pick in the NBA draft, died Monday of lung cancer in Kansas City, Mo."

The "Naked" Truth About Antibodies For Cancer Therapy
"Antibodies are naturally occurring proteins that help our body fight bacteria, viruses and cancer."

Roche's Genentech issues Avastin Warning After Fatality In Clinical Study
"Roche Holdings AG unit Genentech Inc has warned healthcare professionals that its Avastin drug caused at least one fatality in a recent clinical study in patients with limited-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC), the US Federal Drug Administration said."

Inflammation Appears to Be Linked to Lung Cancer
"Some patients may be at greater risk of lung cancer because of variations in genes involved in inflammatory responses, researchers here said."

An Important Part Of The Fight Against Cancer
"You have cancer." The three most devastating words anyone could hear."

Infection-Related Cancers Elevated Among the Immunodeficient
"A greater variety of infection-related malignancies than previously suspected may be brought on by immunodeficiencies, according to a meta-analysis."

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Battles Brain Cancer
"Kentucky's first black Supreme Court justice said he has lung cancer that has spread to his brain.

Minister To Officiate At Wedding Of Cancer Patient
"LaPrad has lung cancer and has been given less than a month to live."

Two-Year-Old With Cancer Gets Wish Granted
"A young boy from Sullivan is battling a rare form of lung cancer, and now has a new gift to keep him busy."

New Study: Non-Smoking Workers Absorb Potent Carcinogen When Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

"As the Wisconsin Legislature debates smoke-free workplace legislation, a new study being published in the August 2007 issue of the American Journal of Public Health provides powerful new evidence that secondhand smoke in the workplace is an unacceptable health hazard and shows why ALL workplaces must be smoke-free and ALL workers must be protected."

Week Ending July 1, 2007

Quitting Smokers May See Soaring Savings
"More than a third of the United Kingdom's 10 million smokers say they plan to quit the habit Sunday when new anti-smoking laws take effect."

Governor Signs Bill To Make Bars Smoke-Free

"Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed the indoor smoking ban Tuesday that will make all Oregon bars, bingo halls and bowling lanes smoke-free beginning in January 2009."

Integrated Palliative/Oncology Care Feasible for Advanced Lung Cancer Patients
"There appears to be no reason not to integrate palliative care with standard oncology care for patients newly diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, according to a recent study by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston."

New Pill May Attack Lung Cancer
"Lung cancer continues to carry the sad distinction as leading cause of cancer deaths but now a new pill may attack deadly changes in the lungs."

Abbott To Test Two Cancer Drugs
"Abbott Laboratories Inc. and Genentech Inc. will collaborate to develop and eventually sell two Abbott cancer drugs now in early stages of human testing, the companies said Tuesday."

Blood Type Influences Lung Cancer Mortality

"An analysis of data from a Danish study shows that inflammation factors are stronger predictors of lung cancer mortality in individuals with blood type O than those with other blood types."

South American Tree Bark May Help Fight Lung Cancer
"A substance derived from the bark of the South American lapacho tree kills certain kinds of cancer cells, a new study has found. The compound, called beta-lapachone is now seen as a new hope for treating the most common type of lung cancer."

Dutch Scientists Study Cancer Inhibitor
"Dutch scientists have determined the workings of a cancer inhibitor, topotecan, viewing its effects live at the level of a single DNA molecule."

New Cancer Treatment Adds To Survival Rates In Lung Cancer Patients
"Patients with inoperable non-small cell lung cancer who receive an initial high dose of chemotherapy before their treatment begins can expect an increase in overall survival, according to a study in the July 1 issue of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, the official journal of ASTRO."

Opera Legend Beverly Sills Is In Hospital 'gravely Ill' With Cancer
"Beverly Sills, the opera diva who won over fans worldwide with her sparkling voice and charming personality and became a powerhouse in the New York arts world, is gravely ill with cancer, The Associated Press has learned."

Sex Differences In Lung Cancer Treatment
"Women with advanced-staged lung cancer have a better overall survival rate than men, but there’s a catch. The finding seems only to hold true for women 60 and older."

Surgeons Push for Less Invasive Lung Cancer Procedures
"Less invasive lung surgery should become the first option for cancer patients, U.S. experts say."

Can CEOs Cure Cancer?
"He could be talking about cost-cutting initiatives or a new talent-management protocol. Instead, he's talking about cancer prevention."

Relay Raises $280000 To Fight Cancer
"Margaret Souza had several poignant reasons for participating in last weekend’s Relay For Life, an annual event that raises money for the American Cancer Society."

Nine Years Cancer-Free And Then A Test Reveals A Recurrence
"I have been keeping medical secrets for months, so my Dad wouldn't get worried or get upset."

Latest Cancer Deaths Renew Fears About Mesothelioma
"Is taconite dust making Iron Range miners sick?"

Does Toxic Mix Boost Lung Cancer In Rock County?
"The report is alarming: Rock County women have a 40 percent higher mortality rate from lung cancer than women statewide."

Corwin Cancer Center Offers New Technology
"In the past couple of months, it’s gotten a lot easier for Dr. John Stageberg to hit a moving target."


Week Ending June 17, 2007

Targeted, Oral Agent Enzastaurin Shows Favorable Results In Late-Stage Lung Cancer
"Enzastaurin, an investigational targeted, oral agent under development by Eli Lilly and Company, showed encouraging results in treating patients with late-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to data presented today at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)."

Johnstown Councilman Battles Back From Bout With Cancer
"The 65-year-old Prospect resident says he has been "through hell and back" since he was diagnosed with lung cancer in January."

Radio Broadcaster Laura Ellen Hopper Dead At Age 57 From Lung Cancer
"Radio broadcaster Laura Ellen Hopper, who helped pioneer radio-Internet programming, has died in Santa Cruz, Calif., from lung cancer."

Heart Disease and Lung Cancer Won't Wait, But Patients May Have To Wait For Life-Saving Care
"The Society of Thoracic Surgeons cordially invites you to a special congressional and press briefing entitled "Heart Disease and Lung Cancer Won't Wait, But Patients May Have to Wait for Life-Saving Care," where you will learn about the disturbing national trend affecting seniors and the surgical specialty which treats heart disease and lung cancer, the two leading causes of death for Americans."

Newspaperman Peter Trigg Dies Of Lung Cancer At 61
"Peter Johnston Trigg, a former Mobile resident and longtime newspaperman, died of lung cancer Saturday died at a medical facility in Orlando, Fla."

Glaxo Gets Priority Review for Lung Cancer Drug
"GlaxoSmithKline said on Tuesday that U.S. health regulators granted a priority review to a capsule form of its drug Hycamtin for the treatment of relapsed small cell lung cancer."

Surviving and cancer-Free
"Shirley Hogoboom was born in El Dorado and intends to remain here "until my last breath." Shirley has fought a long time to extend her stay in her hometown."

The Global Lung Cancer Coalition Presents the 2nd Annual Lung Cancer Journalism Awards Competition
"The Lung Cancer Journalism Awards' mission: to raise global awareness of the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide."

Lung cancer Strikes Even Those Who Don't Smoke
"It started off as an annoying cough. It couldn’t be too serious, could it? She had a hunch that it could be something more than what her doctor initially thought."

Arsenic Exposure's Carcinogenic Effects Are Delayed But Linger
"Arsenic exposure increases the risks of bladder and lung cancer a decade after exposure, according to researchers here."

University of Pittsburgh Researchers Detect Small Set of Cancer Stem Cells That Are Similar To Normal Stem Cells and Appear To Thwart Anti-Cancer Agents
"Current cancer therapies often succeed at initially eliminating the bulk of the disease, including all rapidly proliferating cells, but are eventually thwarted because they cannot eliminate a small reservoir of multiple-drug-resistant tumor cells, called cancer stem cells, which ultimately become the source of disease recurrence and eventual metastasis."

Battling Lung Cancer, Sen. Ed Mayne Finds New Cause
"Fevers, coughs and sneezes are common each legislative session as lawmakers debate bills in cramped quarters and shake the hands of hundreds."

Lung, Colon Cancer Rates High In Area
"Lung and colon cancers are more likely to strike residents in the region north of Boston than in many other areas of Massachusetts, according to a new state health survey."

Report: Health Dept. Held Info About Miner Cancer
"Some health experts are criticizing a decision by the Minnesota Department of Health to withhold information about additional deadly cancers among Iron Range miners."

Biomoda Files Patent Protection to Speed Up Marketing of Its Lung Cancer Detection Technology
"Biomoda, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, maker of patented early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology, disclosed today that it is again expanding its intellectual property portfolio with an additional unique patent pending to enhance the stability and greatly increase the shelf-life of its assay.

Fighting Cancer With Faith, Friends
"Since the first of June, Mary Jo Hoffman has been slipping into what her young son, Silas, calls her "magic hair."

Manipulating The System
"When Medicare cracked down two years ago on profits that doctors made on drugs they administered to patients in their offices, it ended a windfall worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for each physician."

Week Ending June 3, 2007

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI) Announces ASCO Activities
"Cell Therapeutics, Inc. today announced presentations of interest on lung cancer and on its development candidate Xyotax(TM) (paclitaxel poliglumex) at the 43rd American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, being held June 1-5, 2007, in Chicago."

Biomoda Files Additional Patent Protection for Its Lung Cancer Detection Technology
"Biomoda, Inc., maker of patented early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology, confirmed today that it is continuing to expand its patent portfolio with a unique patent pending for the use of its patented porphyrin molecule to detect different cell variations of lung cancer."

Early Lung Cancer Detection "Exported" to UK
"Perceptronix Medical Inc. announced it has signed a service agreement for its LungSignTM test (formerly ClearSignTM) with University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust in the UK."

Cancer Expected To Skyrocket In Asia
"Asia is bracing for a dramatic surge in cancer rates over the next decade as people in the developing world live longer and adopt bad Western habits that greatly increase the risk of the disease."

Woman's Family Aiding In Cancer Fight
"After Linda Linker of Carol Stream was diagnosed with a life threatening disease, her 10-year-old nephew was destined to help find a cure for one of the nation’s biggest killers."

Edward Cancer Center Treats Lung Cancer With Novel Adaptive Image-Guided Radiotherapy Using Trilogy(R) Technology from Varian Medical Systems
"Clinicians at Edward Hospital here are using Trilogy(R) technology from Varian Medical Systems to offer some cancer patients a novel treatment that adapts to changes in the tumor so that more healthy tissue can be preserved."

Relay For Life To Celebrate Cancer Survivors
"Steve Iskra describes his wife's battle with lung cancer as a short, hard effort that ended too soon."

Lung Cancer Screening Debate Heats Up
"Should smokers and ex-smokers get an annual screening test for lung cancer? With experts divided, patients may be left on their own to decide."

Magnets Detect Lung Cancer
"Electromagnetic navigation during bronchoscopy (EGB) involves navigation using an electro-magnetic tracking system, which could detect lung lesions by pursuing a catheter through a bronchoscope."

Pharmacyclics Announces Promising Results From Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Xcytrin(R) in Recurrent, Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
"Pharmacyclics, Inc. today announced promising preliminary results from an open-label Phase 2 clinical trial of Xcytrin(R) (motexafin gadolinium) Injection, the company's lead cancer therapeutic candidate, as a second-line treatment for patients with recurrent, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who failed at least one platinum-based chemotherapy regimen."

Targeted, Oral Agent Enzastaurin Shows Favorable Results in Late-Stage Lung Cancer

"Enzastaurin, an investigational targeted, oral agent under development by Eli Lilly and Company, showed encouraging results in treating patients with late-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to data presented today at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)."

Genes May Be the Key to Lung Cancer Care
"Researchers have found that Japanese lung cancer patients in general respond better than American sufferers to chemotherapy but they also tend to experience more debilitating side effects from the treatment."

ASCO: Brain Irradiation Fends Off Metastases in Small Cell Lung Cancer
"Prophylactic cranial irradiation after chemotherapy significantly reduces the risk of brain metastasis and doubles one-year survival in small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), a Dutch oncologist reported here."

Clinical Data Suggest Potential Versatility Of ALIMTA-Based Regimens In Lung Cancer
"Alimta (pemetrexed for injection) showed additional utility in the treatment of the most diagnosed type of cancer , according to data presented today at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)."

Avastin(R) Significantly Prolongs Progression Free Survival In Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer
"Avastin (bevacizumab), significantly improves the time patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) live without their disease advancing ("progression free survival") when added to cisplatin/gemcitabine chemotherapy, compared with chemotherapy alone."


Week Ending May 20, 2007

A Day for Ray: Benefit Planned for SSISD Employee Battling Lung Cancer
"Sulphur Springs Independent School District employees and others have joined forces to host a benefit for SSISD maintenance supervisor Ray Hyatt, who is battling cancer."

Benefit Held For Ilion Man Battling Lung Cancer
"Friends and family of Ned Bohr held a fund-raiser on Saturday at the Ilion Knights of Columbus. Bohr, a self-employed contractor, is a life-long resident of Ilion who was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy."

Lung Cancer Tracking Studied
"University of Cincinnati researchers want to know if combining two procedures can give doctors a better read on whether lung cancer has spread to patients' lymph nodes."

Report Suggests Cancer Deaths Among Blacks Is Rising
"The American Cancer Society (ACS) released a report on Apr. 19 which shows that Blacks, who make up 8 percent of the population of 450,000 on Staten Island, develop cancer less frequently that do White residents, however, die from the disease at a higher rate."

Depleted Uranium Weapons Linked to Lung Cancer
"Governments deny it, but many people have long suspected that depleted uranium weapons may cause cancer. It looks as if the suspicions were right."

Lung Cancer Needs Early Warning System Too
"I recently had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker for a women's health care awareness program in my Senate District and the topic of my discussion was, when it comes to health care, government has a role and individuals have a responsibility."

Firm OK's Interim Analysis of Cancer Study
"Point Therapeutics Inc. said today that its board of directors approved an "unscheduled interim analysis" of a potential lung cancer study."

Teen Who Lost Mom to Lung Cancer Pens Article She Hopes Will Warn Others
"It had been only a month since Kayla Rae Powell's mother died when Powell picked up a pen and started writing. Shocked that lung cancer had taken her mother so quickly, the high school junior used writing to express her grief and anger."

Benefits for Man with Lung Cancer
"Two benefits have been planned for Robert Peed Sr. of Galva, who was diagnosed with lung cancer last November."

High-Dose Inhaled Corticosteroid Use for COPD Could Cut Risk of Lung Cancer
"Among a group of mostly older male veterans suffering from COPD, an illness that offers a greater susceptibility to lung cancer, researchers found that regular use of high dose inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) lowered the risk of developing lung cancer."

Award-Winning Newspaper Columnist Who Chronicled Her Battle with Lung Cancer Dies at 39
"Lauren Terrazzano, a Newsday reporter who chronicled her three-year bout with lung cancer, has died. She was 39."

Cancer Doctor: Efforts to Beat Disease Continue Across US
"The 18th Annual Relay for Life planned for Friday and Saturday at Wayne Community College has one aim -- raise money to help fight cancer."

Lung Cancer's Stigma Lingers
"Lung cancer kills more women every year than any other cancer. In 2007, that will mean nearly 71,000 deaths."

Cancer Forcing Sheriff to Retire
"Eighteen months ago, Westmoreland County Sheriff C.W. "Buddy" Jackson said he planned to seek re-election "after I get this little problem taken care of." Jackson's "little problem" was lung cancer."

John D. Minna MD Joins InNexus Biotechnology Scientific Advisory Board
"InNexus Biotechnology Inc., a drug development company commercializing the next generation of monoclonal antibodies based on its Dynamic Cross Linking (DXL(TM)) technology, today announced that Dr. John D. Minna, Professor and Director of the Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, has joined InNexus' newly formed Scientific Advisory Board."

Ultrasound Procedures Coupled to Improve Lung Cancer Care
"UC researchers are studying a new way to more accurately determine the extent of lymph node involvement in patients with lung cancer."

Iraqi Shiite Leader Has Lung Cancer
"Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, 57, did not say where the tumor was, but officials close to him said he was diagnosed with lung cancer after undergoing tests last week at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston."

Week Ending May 13, 2007

Diabetes Drug Dramatically Boosts Power Of Platinum Chemotherapy
A widely used diabetes drug dramatically boosted the potency of platinum-based cancer drugs when administered together to a variety of cancer cell lines and to mice with tumors, scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute report.

Advocates Push for Increased Lung Cancer Awareness
Lung cancer has claimed 3,790 lives in Massachusetts and 162,460 throughout the country,” Hedlund said in a press release.

New Lung Cancer Models Predict Risk With Modest Accuracy
Researchers have developed three lung cancer risk prediction models for current, former, and never smokers.”

Former Lawmaker Mac Sumner Dies From Complications Of Lung Cancer
Mac Sumner of Molalla, who resigned from the Oregon House five months ago to focus on his treatment for lung cancer, died Monday night.

New Smokeless Tobacco Lowers The Risk Of Lung Cancer In Smokers
This is a good news for people who find it hard to quit smoking as a Swedish company has manufactured snus; a smokeless tobacco that puts smokers at a significantly lower risk of cancer than cigarettes and also provides users with the nicotine they crave.

Experts Warn Of Global Gulf In Cancer Treatment
The use of modern cancer drugs can vary by a factor of 10 between different developed countries, while millions in Africa lack access even to basic pain relief, experts said on Thursday.

FDG-PET Imaging Clearly Predicts Lung Cancer Patients Response to Chemotherapy
An earlier indication of whether chemotherapy benefits non–small cell lung cancer patients—provided by positron emission tomography (PET) imaging—can guide doctors in offering them better care, according to researchers in the May Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Statins Shown To Prevent Lung Cancer
New research shows that statins appear to protect against the development of lung cancer.

Early Cancer Detection By Early Nanotechnology
Lung cancer is a terrible disease, and anyone can get it. It’s hard to detect. Now a grad student is making progress at building a detector, reports

World's Cancer Patients Face Inequities in Access to Newer Drugs
Patients' access to new and better cancer drugs varies widely depending on which country they live in, a new Swedish study says.

First Degree Relatives Of Patients With Lung Cancer Have Increased Cancer Risk
A new study reveals that first-degree relatives of patients with early-onset lung cancer are at an increased risk of developing other types of cancer. Furthermore, the risk is largely affected by race.

Comment On Cancer Victim Was Cruel
The comment on the front page under Dorothy Heaton's photograph, however, was cruel: "A smoker for more than 60 years, Dorothy was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in January.

Targeted Therapeutics in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the third most common malignant disease and the first leading cause of cancer death in the western world.

Washington University Tests Lung Cancer Vaccine
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality, resulting in more than 160,000 deaths per year in the United States. Despite aggressive treatment with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the long-term survival for lung cancer patients remains low.

Naturally Occurring Gas A Leading Cause Of Cancer
There is a push in Springfield to protect residents against radon, a naturally occurring gas that is impossible to detect without a test. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

The Sweetness Of Days
Sitting on the porch of her grandmother's home, Mia Parker is planning a surprise birthday party for her while she's visiting family in Texas.


Week Ending April 29, 2007

Jazz Pianist Andrew Hill Dies Of Lung Cancer
"Andrew Hill, a jazz pianist who played with some of the genre's biggest legends, died on Friday of lung cancer. He was 75."

Pharmacyclics Announces FDA Filing of New Drug Application for Xcytrin Injection to Treat Lung Cancer Brain Metastases
"Pharmacyclics, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has filed the company's New Drug Application (NDA) for Xcytrin(R) (motexafin gadolinium) Injection."

NYU Medical Center Partners with Rosetta Genomics to Develop a Line of Diagnostic Tools for Lung and Mesothelioma Cancers
"Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. announced today that it has partnered with NYU Medical Center with the aim of developing a line of early detection diagnostic products for lung, and Mesothelioma cancers."

New Advance In Lung Cancer Treatment
"Researchers at the Ireland Cancer Center of University Hospitals Case Medical Center have developed methods for treating lung cancer cells that have become resistant to new anti-cancer agents."

Community Supports Florence Councilman Through Lung Cancer
"Florence Council Member Dale Stephens is determined to keep serving the community that has been so supportive of him. Stephens, who has served on Florence City Council since 1996 and previously served as a Walton councilman and mayor, was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2006."

Walk To Raise Money For Cancer Research
"A three-mile walk to raise money for lung cancer research will be held beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday at Binghamton High School."

Cancer Check
"In this country, more than 150,000 lives are lost each year to lung cancer. One reason is that lung cancer is difficult to detect in the early stages, but some researchers are hoping to change that, using a new technology."

Wayne Schenk, Cancer Patient Who Won Top Lottery Prize
"Wayne Schenk, who won $1 million in a lottery shortly after finding out he had terminal cancer, died Monday. He was 51."

Lung Cancer Alliance Praises House of Representatives for Targeting Lung Cancer as a National Health Priority
"Key members of the House of Representatives introduced legislation this week targeting lung cancer as a national public health priority by establishing a coordinated federal effort to reduce the mortality rate of the number one cancer killer."

Shedding Light on Acquired Treatment Resistance in Lung Cancer
"New research indicates that lung cancers develop resistance to gefitinib (Iressa) through MET oncogene amplification on ERBB3 signaling."

WHO Calls for Prevention of Cancer Through Healthy Workplaces
"Every year, at least 200 000 people die from cancer related to their workplace. Saturday is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. "

Non-Aspirin NSAIDs May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk
"The long-term use of non-aspirin anti-inflammatory painkillers, or NSAIDs, appears to slightly reduce the risk of a person developing lung cancer, according to research published in the International Journal of Cancer."

A Breathalyzer to Detect Lung Cancer
"Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have built a prototype breathalyzer that may radically change the way that doctors detect lung cancer."

Aranesp Improves Hemoglobin Levels in Lung Cancer Patients
"According to results from a Phase III trial, the use of Aranesp (darbepoetin alfa) in patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) being treated with chemotherapy results in improved levels of hemoglobin without affecting progression-free survival or overall survival."

Week Ending April 22, 2007

Data Supporting Three Antisoma Programmes Presented at AACR
"Antisoma announces that preclinical data supporting three of its drugs are presented this week at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR)."

Immunomedics Develops Novel Immunotoxin for Therapy of Prostate and Lung Cancers
"Immunomedics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer and other serious diseases, today presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research results on the in vitro and in vivo evaluation of a novel immunotoxin, Rap-hRS7, for the potential treatment of prostate and lung cancers."

Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors
"Cannabis may be bad for the lungs, but the active ingredient in marijuana may help combat lung cancer, new research suggests."

Intravenous Nanoparticle Gene Therapy Shows Activity In Stage IV Lung Cancer
"A cancer-suppressing gene has been successfully delivered into the tumors of stage 4 lung cancer patients via an intravenously administered lipid nanoparticle in a phase I clinical trial at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center."

Telik Reports Positive New Telcyta Preclinical Data at American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting
"Telik, Inc. announced that the presentation today of new preclinical studies of TELCYTA(R) (canfosfamide HCl, TLK286) that support clinical evaluation of the triplet combination of TELCYTA, carboplatin and paclitaxel in the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung and ovarian cancer."

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals Reports on Romidepsin and Erlotinib Combination in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Presented at American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting
"Gloucester Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an oncology focused biopharmaceutical company, announced today that encouraging data from a preclinical study examining the combination of romidepsin and erlotinib in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines derived from human cancer patients were presented at the American Association of Cancer Research Meeting annual meeting taking place in Los Angles, CA."

Aranesp: No Lung-Cancer Survival Benefit
"U.S. firm Amgen said Thursday its "145" study of its anti-cancer drug Aranesp did not up survival in patients with small-cell lung cancer."

KU Graduate Hopes Lung Cancer Campaign Helps Discover a Cure
"Christi Johnson, a 1999 Kansas University graduate, could not take one more sleepless night."

The Final Nine Episodes of The Sopranos Feature [Lung] Cancer
"The final nine episodes of HBO's Sunday night hit The Sopranos feature the stuff of life."

Drug Studies: Gene Therapy, Cancer-Killing Viruses and New Drugs
"Studies presented at the 2007 meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research show how researchers are using the new, as well as the natural, to help design and test new drugs to treat cancer.

Cancer Rising Amid Smoke and Mirrors
"Joe Camel, the iconic figure that over the years has become an all too familiar face to male cigarette smokers, is exploring his feminine side."

Lighting The Torch for Survivors
"Two young local cancer survivors have been chosen to light the Torch of Hope at the 2007 Fayette County Relay For Life. Jacob Murphy and Jenny Gardner recently practiced lighting the Torch of Hope at the Relay 's Kick Off party held at Glendalough Manor."

Medical Debate: Stopping Lung Cancer?
"About 170,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year. Between 70 percent and 80 percent of those people smoke. Only a small percentage will be cured. The rest will be given less than one year to live."

Week Ending April 8, 2007

Immunosuppressant Drug Prevents Tobacco Induced Lung Cancer in Mice
"Rapamycin, an FDA-approved drug normally used to help prevent the body from rejecting organ and bone marrow transplants and also used to coat cardiac stents, was highly effective in preventing the development of tobacco-related lung tumors in mice."

92-Year-Old Battles Cancer for Fifth Time
"Heinrich's series of cancer began 12 years ago when she was diagnosed with lung cancer, though neither she nor her husband smoked."

Generator Fumes Cause Lung Cancer
"A Respiratory Consultant at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra says long term exposure to fumes from generators can cause lung cancer."

Accuray Surpasses 2,000 Lung Cancer Patients Treated With the CyberKnife(R) Robotic Radiosurgery System
"Accuray Incorporated , a global leader in the field of radiosurgery, today announced that its CyberKnife(R) Robotic Radiosurgery System has been used to treat more than 2,000 lung cancer patients worldwide."

Pharmacyclics' Xcytrin New Drug Application for Treatment of Lung Cancer Brain Metastases to Be Filed Over Protest
"Pharmacyclics, Inc. today announced its request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that its New Drug Application (NDA) for Xcytrin(R) (motexafin gadolinium) Injection be filed over protest."

UW Study Shows Pomegranate Juice May Help Fight Lung Cancer
"Researchers are adding to the list of cancer types for which pomegranates seem to halt growth. A recent study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison using a mouse model shows that consuming pomegranates could potentially help reduce the growth and spread of lung cancer cells or even prevent lung cancer from developing."

Center Recruiting for New Lung Cancer Prevention Trial
"Heavy smokers and those who quit may have a chance to lower their risk of getting lung cancer by taking part in a study of a new use of an arthritis drug."

Risk of Lung Cancer Tied to Cannabis Use
"When I told my husband that the use of cannabis is being linked to a five percent increase in lung cancer risk - that's 15 new cases each year in New Zealand where a study was just conducted - he seemed to think this risk is comparable to his dying from a grasshopper landing in his eye."

Steroids May Cut COPD Lung Cancer Risk
"Taking inhaled corticosteroids may lower the risk of lung cancer among people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)."

A Report on the Probability of Lung Cancer Wins the III International Oncology Congress for Students
"The III International Oncology Congress for Students at the University of Navarra has awarded the prize for the best scientific work to a study on the prediction of lung cancer carried out by Álvaro Rodríguez Ratón, a student in the 5th year of Medicine at the University of Navarra."

Preventing And Treating Lung Cancer - ESMO Explores Collaboration To Fight Cancer On All Fronts
"Leading figures in the global fight against lung cancer met in the city of Geneva, Switzerland last week to discuss the latest tools for preventing and treating chest malignancies, which kill more than 1.3 million people each year."

Biomarkers Could Drive Future of Roche's Tarceva in Lung Cancer
"Lung cancer management is about to undergo a paradigm shift where patients will get cancer therapy tailored to their tumour's molecular profile, experts told journalists last week during a European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) international chest tumour symposium in Geneva."

No Asbestos-Linked Cancer Increase Found Near Plants
"A Department of Health study found no increased rate of asbestos-associated cancer among those living within a two-mile radius of two former vermiculite plants in downtown Salt Lake City."

Benefits of National Status Go Beyond Cancer Centers
"Skilled at running medical scans for patients, Karen Humphrey immediately recognized that the pictures of her own lungs revealed devastating news. Cancer. An advanced case."

Climbing for Cancer
"Everyone has their own way of handling grief, but when their mother died of lung cancer in 2006 the Oestrike family decided to climb the tallest mountain in the world."

Week Ending April 1, 2007

Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program Asserts Unspoken Bias Influences Lung Cancer Policies
"The Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program (Lung Cancer CAP) reports disappointment and frustration with the discrepant standards used in evaluating the efficacy of lung cancer screening compared to screening tests for other cancers."

In Vivo Study Results Demonstrating Potential of Alfacell's Onconase for Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Published in Anticancer Research
"Alfacell Corporation today announced that in vivo study results demonstrating the potential of ONCONASE (ranpirnase) for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) were recently published in Anticancer Research."

Curecumin May Be an Effective Treatment for Lung Cancer
"Bioponic Phytoceuticals, Inc. announced that its Curecumin (a Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic(R) form of Turmeric containing curcumin in a liquid nasal delivery system) may be an important treatment for Lung Cancer."

SKCC Scientist Receives Grant for Promising Lung Cancer Therapy
"Research advancements in cancer therapy are beautiful music to the ears of lung cancer patients everywhere. One-time La Jolla Symphony violinist Ruth Gjerset is striking an important chord, recently receiving an award of $100,000 from the Joan Scarangello Foundation to Conquer Lung Cancer."

Guided Heat for Inoperable Lung Cancer
"A minimally invasive treatment that uses guided heat to kill cancer cells shows promise as an alternative to radiation in patients with inoperable, early-stage lung cancers."

Sequential Chemotherapy Helpful in Advanced Lung Cancer
"In the absence of new therapies, sequential cisplatin-based treatment appears to be a useful option in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to Italian researchers."

LCA Issues Statement On MRI Study On Screening For Breast Cancer
"Lung Cancer Alliance supports the new call for high tech MRIs, in addition to mammograms, for women at high risk for breast cancer which will enable more tumors to be caught at their earliest, most treatable stages."

Search for Best Lung Cancer Treatment Leads Michigan Couple to UK
"When Bill Somers was told he had lung cancer two months ago, he and his wife Lyann knew they’d only have one chance to get his treatment right."

Lung Cancer Study Aims to Identify Early Detection and Prevention Method
"An ongoing prevention study at the University of Colorado Cancer Center is currently recruiting both current and former smokers to look for smoking related damage in their lungs and to determine if a study medication can block the damage from progressing to lung cancer."

Cancer and the Minnesota Iron Mines
"After three dozen new cases of a rare form of lung cancer were reported among Minnesota iron miners, the state health department says it will launch studies to determine the cause. Mesothelioma is linked to asbestos exposure, but some mine workers are concerned that taconite dust may also be a culprit. "

Lung Cancer Screening Regimen Provides Opportunity for Cure
"Annual CT screening identifies a high proportion of patients with early-stage lung cancer, according to the latest findings of the New York Early Lung Cancer Action Project (NY-ELCAP) published in the April issue of the journal Radiology."



Week Ending March 23, 2007

Adjuvant Chemotherapy Changes in Lung Cancer Guidelines
"Chemotherapy should be offered to patients who have high-risk stage 1A or stage IB non-small-cell lung cancer even after surgical resection shows negative margins, researchers said here at the 12th annual National Comprehensive Cancer Network Conference (NCCN) on Clinical Practice Guidelines and Quality Cancer"

Cancer Drug Hits Market
"The world's first approved targeted medicine for non-small cell lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer, was launched in China over the weekend, company officials announced in Shanghai over the weekend."

Doctors Just Say "No" to Lung Cancer Screening - For Now
"The concept of screening smokers and former smokers for lung cancer using computed tomography (CT) was turned down by doctors writing new guidelines for treatment and prevention of lung cancer."

Cancer Survivors Wanted for Video Shoot
"The Commonwealth Cancer Association is looking for "a few good men" and women to support the second installment of the association's public education video series.
On the heels of its Breast Cancer Awareness production last year, CCA is planning for the video Lung, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Awareness to begin shooting this spring."

After Lobectomy Removes Lung Cancer, Another Marathon in Sight
"Rod Simonds, 64, ran his first marathon in 1999. He ran his fourth in December 2005 – a week before discovering he had a small tumor growing in his left lung."

Study Compares Late-Stage Lung Cancer Treatments
"After initial chemotherapy, radiation treatment may be better than surgery for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, a European study finds."

Calls to Quitline Iowa Double after State Boosts Cigarette Tax
"Iowa Cancer researchers in Iowa say the increase in the state's cigarette tax has more than doubled smokers' desire to quit. They say more than 150 smokers have called Quitline Iowa -- up from 70 a year ago."

Remembering Special Friend, Conservative Columnist Cathy Seipp
"On Monday, her daughter Maia sent the e-mail that Cathy Seipp’s friends and readers have long been dreading. Her mother was in the hospital, her lungs had collapsed, the doctors were trying to make her comfortable, she was passing peacefully."

Cell Therapeutics Inc. (CTI) Files For Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) For XYOTAX(TM) PGT307 Lung Cancer Trial In Women
"Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI) today announced it will file today for a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the design of a phase III trial of combination therapy for women with advanced lung cancer."

Fhit Protein Expression in Lung Cancer Studied by High-Throughput Tissue Microarray
"Fragile histidine triad (Fhit) is a non classical tumor suppressor gene. Abnormalities in this gene are among the most common genetic changes occurring in human cancers [1, 2]."

State Health Registry Releases 'Cancer in Iowa: 2007'
"In 2007, an estimated 6,400 Iowans will die from cancer and 15,700 new cancers will be diagnosed, according to new figures released by the State Health Registry of Iowa, based in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Iowa College of Public Health."

Lung-Cancer Rate Outpaces Breast Cancer in U.S. Women
"Tawni Spargur felt blindsided when she was diagnosed six months ago with lung cancer.
The 46-year-old Spokane woman had been concerned enough about breast cancer to perform self examinations and to undergo recommended medical screenings to ensure early detection. With emphasis given to breast-cancer awareness in recent years, she never saw the threat of lung cancer coming."

Week Ending March 16, 2007

Private Investor Injects $35M Into NovaRx for Lung Cancer Research
"NovaRx Corp. has received $35 million from a private investor, according to Nexcore Capital Inc., the local investment bank that secured the funding."

Cancer Atlas May Help With Detection, Cure
"The scientists in Chuck Perou's laboratory at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill plot cancer genes like towns and roads on a map -- coordinates that one day will result in a cancer atlas guiding doctors to smarter treatments."

Chemotherapy Resistance Testing in Lung Cancer Patients Needs to be Studied
"A study led by a lung cancer surgeon at Jefferson Medical College suggests that oncologists should take more advantage of laboratory tests that have the potential to help determine a lung cancer patient's resistance to chemotherapy drugs."

Lung Cancer
"Lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the U.S. and the leading cause of cancer death. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates 213,380 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed in this country."

How Some Molecules Inhibit Growth Of Lung Cancer Cells Revealed By Study
"By mapping the interlocking structures of small molecules and mutated protein "receptors" in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells, scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and their colleagues have energized efforts to design molecules that mesh with these receptors, potentially interfering with cancer cell growth and survival."

Lung Cancer Research Breakthrough at Wake Forest University School of Medicine
"Doctors at Wake Forest University's School of Medicine claim they’ve made a major breakthrough in lung cancer research."

Workplace Exposure to Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke Associated with Increased Lung Cancer Risk
"An international multi-center study has confirmed that exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke increases the risk of developing lung cancer. The details of this study appeared in the March 1, 2007 issue of the American Journal of Public Health."

Stopping Lung Cancer?
"Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women in this country. CT scans have been recently shown to detect lung cancer early, and some hope it will decrease the number of deaths. But other doctors say there are still too many questions and worry the scans cause more harm than good."

Video Assisted Lung Surgery Gets Patients Back on their Feet Faster, with Less Pain
"Just a few days after lung cancer surgery, Louise Dellert was thrilled and surprised to be up doing dishes and setting the table. The 79-year-old from Downers Grove benefited from a minimally invasive approach performed at Rush University Medical Center that is not widely available."

Measuring Lung Motion Leads To Better Radiation Treatment for Lung Cancer

"Advances in radiation therapy for cancer have made it possible to fine-tune radiation beams so they match the shape and position of a patient's tumor nearly anywhere in the body. But the pinpoint accuracy of modern radiation treatments would be worthless if the tumor wasn't in the spot where the radiation beams were aimed."

Lung Cancer Alliance Applauds Leadership in Maryland Senate and House for Supporting Early Disease Management Research

"Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) testifies before the Maryland Senate Finance Committee in strong support of Senate Bill 594 (SB 594), legislation that would jump-start a long overdue investment in early disease management for lung cancer."

Green Tea May Help Fight Lung Cancer
"Green tea may help fight lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in both women and men throughout the world, shows a recent study."

One Wwox Isn't Enough To Protect Against Cancer
"A new study shows that the loss of even one of the two copies of a particular tumor-suppressor gene greatly increases the risk that lung cancer will develop in experimental animals."

Lung Cancer-Derived EGFR Mutants Exhibit Intrinsic Differences in Inhibitor Sensitivity
"A new study sheds light on how some small-molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors, including two that are currently being used clinically to treat cancer, interact with wild-type and mutated forms of the epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR."

Hospital, Cancer Society Eye Smoking Cessation Program
"To help get support for instituting a smoking cessation program for the community, the American Cancer Society is holding a luncheon at noon March 21 at Midland Memorial Hospital."

Transgene Advances Lung Cancer and HPV Programs through License Deal with Virax
"Virax Holdings granted Transgene an exclusive license to its Co-X-Gene™ technology patents."

How Two Studies on Cancer Screening Led to Two Results
"Of all the forms of cancer, lung cancer is by far the deadliest. So doctors have long hoped to come up with a screening test that would find it early, before it can grow and become untreatable."

Smokers May Soon Pay For Biotech Cures of Tobacco Ills
"Biotech companies that are developing treatments and diagnostic products for lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease would get millions of dollars from Maryland’s cigarette smokers under a proposal now in the General Assembly".

Cancer-causing Compound Can Be Triggered By Vitamin C
"Chromium 6, the cancer-causing compound that sparked the legal crusade by Erin Brockovich, can be toxic in tiny doses. Brown University scientists have uncovered the unlikely culprit: vitamin C. In new research, the Brown team shows that when vitamin C reacts with even low doses of chromium 6 inside human cells, it creates high levels of cancer-causing DNA damage and mutations."

Attacking Cancer From the Inside
"Cellectar, a Madison biotech company developing a shot-in-the-arm treatment for cancer, is about to take a big leap forward, thanks to a healthy wad of cash, a one-of-a-kind machine and a new, well-credentialed chief executive with big hopes and plans."

Week Ending March 11, 2007

Study Questions Early Screening for Lung Cancer
"Ninety million Americans are smokers or former smokers, and they're all at risk of lung cancer, the deadliest cancer of all. For years, many have hoped that computerized X-ray machines called CT scanners could spot lung cancers earlier when they're more curable. Last fall, one large study concluded that CT screening for lung cancer saves lives. Today, another study casts doubt on that claim."

Measuring Lung Motion Leads to Better Radiation Treatment for Lung Cancer
"Advances in radiation therapy for cancer have made it possible to fine-tune radiation beams so they match the shape and position of a patient's tumor nearly anywhere in the body."

New Test Could Catch Lung Cancer Early
"It's a simple test that could make diagnosing lung cancer much easier at an earlier stage. And all you have to do is cough. A team of researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center are working on a test they hope will accurately identify lung cancer."

Lung Cancer Risk Reduced In Female Textile Workers Exposed To Endotoxin
"Long-term, high-level exposure to bacterial endotoxin-- a contaminant found in raw cotton fiber and cotton dust -- is associated with a 40 percent decrease in lung cancer risk among female Chinese textile workers, according to a new study in the March 7 Journal of the National Cancer Institute."

Study Evaluates Chemotherapy with Gemzar® and Paraplatin® in Lung Cancer Patients with Poor Performance Status
"According to the results of a Phase II clinical trial published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, the combination of Gemzar® (gemcitabine) and Paraplatin® (carboplatin) does not result in better treatment outcomes than Gemzar alone in patients with advanced non–small cell lung cancer and a limited ability to carry out usual daily activities (a performance status of 2)."

Mercy Hospital [Iowa] Has New Screening for Lung Cancer
"A conventional bronchoscopy allows doctors to view the inside of a patient’s airway to check for tumors, inflammation or bleeding. A biopsy is then taken to determine if cancer is present."

Lung Cancer Vaccine To Be Tested Locally [North Carolina]
"A UNC-Chapel Hill scientist is leading a major new clinical trial of a novel cancer vaccine that offers a rare bit of hope to lung cancer patients."

No Link Between NSAID Use and Lung Cancer Risk
"According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) does not appear to reduce the risk of lung cancer."

Helix Biopharma to Present L-DOS47 Lung Cancer Research Findings at the Fourth International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment in Florence, Italy
"Dr. Heman Chao, Vice President of Research at Helix BioPharma Corp., a developer of novel cancer therapeutics, will be presenting a scientific poster at the Fourth International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment, which runs from March 6th to 10th in Florence, Italy."

Cancer Patient Critical of Casino Smoking Is Fired
"A veteran casino worker who is suing the Tropicana Casino and Resort, claiming a quarter-century of secondhand smoke gave him lung cancer, has been fired."

Lung Cancer Alliance Commends Research on Non-Smoking Lung Cancer Cases
"Today, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) commended the work of a Stanford researcher for documenting the number of non-smokers who are being diagnosed with lung cancer. According to the report, which followed a detailed analysis of all available data, 8 percent of men and 20 percent of women who are diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked. That means that in 2007, 30,000 people who have never smoked will be diagnosed with lung cancer, nearly two thirds of them women. The study was published last month in the Journal of Clinical Oncology."

Fever Common Post-Ablation in Lung Cancer Patients
"In patients being treated with radiofrequency ablation, the incidence of both fever and pain appear to increase in tandem with the number of sessions performed, but some patients develop both early in the treatment cycle, researchers reported here at the 32nd annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)."

Gene Test Helps To Diagnose Lung Cancer Early
"US scientists have developed a genetic test to predict early stages of lung cancer by looking for genetic changes in the cells of a smoker's airways."

Week Ending 03-04-07

AstraZeneca Lung Cancer Drug Advances to Phase III
"AstraZeneca has reported the commencement of a new phase III study to evaluate its investigational drug Zactima, used for patients with non-small cell lung cancer."

Age, Other Factors Up Risk of Respiratory Infections after Lung Cancer Surgery
"Advanced age and other factors predispose patients to respiratory infections after lung cancer surgery, according to a report in the January Journal of Thoracic Oncology."

Senators Hagel and Clinton Re-Introduce Lung Cancer Resolution
U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) re-introduced a resolution today calling on the President to declare lung cancer a national public health priority by increasing funding for lung cancer research, developing early detection lung cancer screening programs and appointing an advisory committee to oversee and coordinate efforts to reduce lung cancer mortality rates. Hagel and Clinton introduced a similar resolution in the 109th Congress."

Further Data Links Family History of Lung Cancer to Increased Risk of Cancers Among Never-Smokers
"Researchers from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center have reported that a family history of lung cancer significantly increases risk of developing lung and other cancers in non-smokers. The details of this study appeared in an early online publication in the International Journal of Cancer on February 15, 2007."

Point Therapeutics Provides Clinical Update
"Point Therapeutics, Inc. today provided a clinical update on its current clinical program which includes two Phase 3 trials in Stage IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and a Phase 2 trial in Stage IV pancreatic cancer."

Doctors Working on New Lung Cancer Test
"Doctors at the University of Maryland are working on a test to help diagnose lung cancer in its earliest stages."

New Non-Invasive Treatment Option for Lung Cancer Patients Offered by CyberKnife Center of Miami
"A new treatment option for lung cancer patients eliminates the need for invasive placement of radiographic markers during radiosurgery."

AstraZeneca Announces New Phase III Study of Vandetanib (ZACTIMA(R), ZD6474) in Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer
"AstraZeneca today announced the commencement of a new Phase III study of its new investigational once-daily orally administered drug, vandetanib (ZACTIMA(R), ZD6474). Study 36 will investigate the addition of vandetanib to pemetrexed (Alimta(R)) as second line treatment for patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after failure of first line anti-cancer treatment."

Gene Cell Test May Aid Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis
"Scientists have developed a test for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. They hope the analysis of which genes are switched on and off in cells lining the airways leading to the lungs can be used to diagnose patients sooner and make treatments more effective."

BioView Obtains Commercialization Rights for Lung Cancer Test
"Lab test automation company BioView Ltd. today announced that it had signed an agreement with the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, which accords it the right of first refusal for use of lung cancer markers which the center developed."

600,000 Saudi Women Smoke: Survey
"Six million people in Saudi Arabia puff out 40,000 tons of cigarettes worth more than SR5 billion ($1.3 billion) every year and the number of Saudi women smokers, especially teenage girls, stands at a staggering 600,000, according to figures released by Dr. Abdullah Al-Badah, supervisor of the anti-smoking program at the Health Ministry."

Hospitals Urge Screening In Lung Cancer Detection
"Although the debate over the benefits of routine lung-cancer screening remains unresolved, some local hospitals are taking the lead and encouraging smokers and other high-risk patients to obtain low-dose CT scans in the belief that early detection will save lives."


Week Ending 02-25-07

High Intake of Vegetables and Fruit Reduces Risk of Lung Cancer in China
"A Chinese study has shown that a high intake of vegetables and fruit drastically reduces the risk of lung cancer. The reduced risk is particularly evident in smokers but is also apparent in non-smokers. The details of this study appeared in the February 2007 issue of the Annals of Oncology."

DNA-Repair Genes Predict Survival in Early Lung Cancer
"Tumor expression of two DNA-repair genes, RRM1 and ERCC1, signified a survival advantage for patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer given only surgical treatment, researchers reported."

Phase II Trial Results Positive in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer for AS1404
"Presented at the EORTC-NCI-AARC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer; National Cancer Institute; American Association for Respiratory Care) meeting in Prague in November, patients on Antisoma’s drug AS1404 in combination with standard chemotherapy term had a median survival of 14.0 months versus 8.8 months on standard chemo alone."

HistoRx AQUA Technology Identifies Two Biomarkers Linked to Lung Cancer Survival
"High expression of a combination of the RRM1 and ERCC1 proteins has been shown to be associated with increased lung cancer survival rates, according to a study by researchers from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute published in today’s issue of The New England Journal of Medicine."

Recruitment Temporarily Suspended into C.E.R.A. Phase II Oncology Trial
"Roche announced today that it is temporarily suspending recruitment into its Phase II dose-finding study (NH19960) with the investigational drug C.E.R.A. in anaemic patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer receiving chemotherapy."

Study Looks at Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers
"Smoking isn't the only cause for lung cancer. In fact, more nonsmokers are now being diagnosed with the dreaded disease than in the past."

County with DuPont Plant Has One of the Highest Cancer Rates in State
"Humphreys County has some of the state's highest rates for lung and breast cancers, data shows. But it would take some scientific sleuthing to determine whether dioxins have anything to do with it, a researcher said."

Week Ending 02-18-07

Little Progress in Lung Cancer
"Dr. Chandra Belani, Professor of Medicine and Oncology at the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute, is a leader in the study of lung cancer. During a podcast interview, Belani shares some thoughts on the state of lung cancer -- currently the most common cause of cancer death in the United States."

$1 Million Lottery Winner Diagnosed with Inoperable Lung Cancer
"Five weeks after Wayne Schenk was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, he hit a $1 million state lottery jackpot on a $5 scratch-off ticket."

Modeling Lung Cancer: New Mouse Model Validates Targeted Chemotherapeutic
"In a new report in the February 15th issue of Genes and Development, Dr. Martin McMahon (UCSF) and colleagues present a novel mouse model of non-small cell lung cancer, which will serve as a useful tool to test the efficacy of novel chemotherapeutic drug therapies in the early stages of lung tumorigenesis."

Technology Images Tumors' Genetic Profile
"U.S. scientists have developed a method of screening tumors for cancer-related gene abnormalities that might be treated with ‘targeted’ drugs."

High Vitamin D Levels Linked to Improved Lung Cancer Survival
"As circulating levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) increase, survival in patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) improves, new research shows."

Geron’s GRN163L Headed to Phase I Clinical Trials in Lung Cancer Patients
"Geron Corporation has published preclinical data on GRN163L indicating anti-tumor and anti-metastaticterm activity. Released in this month’s Cancer Research, the new study ascribes the anti-metastatic effects of GRN163L to its unique structure, and not it known human telomerase RNA (hTR) inhibition."

Lung Cancer Alliance Announces New Board Members
"Today, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA), the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to patient support and advocacy for people living with or at risk for lung cancer, announced the addition of three new members to their Board of Directors: elected Chairman Rear Admiral Philip J. Coady, USN (Retired); Deborah Morosini, MD, sister to the late Dana Reeve; and Adrienne Halper, managing director of a private equity fund."

Doctors Developing Phlegm Test for Lung Cancer Detection - Test Could Take Years To Develop
"Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore are working on a simple test to help diagnose lung cancer in its earliest stages."

Professor Receives Grant for Anti-Cancer Drug Research
"A USC assistant professor won more than $1 million in grant money last month to support his research of anti-cancer drugs in the School of Pharmacy."

Nicotine Speeds Lung Cancer
"According to experts, nicotine alone is not a cancer-causing agent. However, Srikumar Chellappan and University of South Florida researchers report that nicotine does promote cancer by stimulating cancer cells in the growth of lung cancer tumors."

Week Ending 02-11-07

UCB, ImClone End Lung Cancer Drug Deal
"Belgian pharmaceutical company UCB SA and U.S.-based ImClone Systems Inc. said Tuesday they have ended an agreement to develop a treatment for the most common type of lung cancer."

Threshold Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Trial Evaluating Glufosfamide in Patients with Recurrent, Sensitive Small Cell Lung Cancer
"Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , today announced that it has initiated patient enrollment for a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of glufosfamide in patients with recurrent, sensitive small cell lung cancer. "

Lung Cancer Alliance Hails Connecticut Leadership on Lung Cancer Issues
New Legislation Seeks to Establish Early Detection Program for Those at Risk for the Disease
"Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA), the only national organization solely dedicated to support and advocacy for people with lung cancer and those at risk for the disease, praised legislation introduced in late January in the Connecticut General Assembly that would establish a state-funded pilot CT (Computed Tomography) scanning program to catch lung cancer at the earliest and most treatable stage."

Georgia GOP Rep. Norwood to Enter Hospice Care for Cancer
"Republican Rep. Charlie Norwood of Georgia will forgo surgery for metastatic lung cancer and will enter hospice care in his hometown of Augusta, according to a statement released Wednesday afternoon by Norwood’s congressional office."

Tom Cross: Chronic Survival Tour Lung Cancer and Fantasy Art
"The Chronic Survival Tour: Shedding Light on Lung Cancer features the world-renowned fantasy art of Tom Cross, his battle with lung cancer, education about lung cancer and as a benefit to raise money for advocacy groups such as the Lung Cancer Online Foundation."

New Blood Test to Detect Lung Cancer
"According to researchers, a new blood test can accurately detect early stage non-small-cell lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer, with 90 percent accuracy."

Clinical Trial Brings Hope That Keeps Her Rolling Past Cancer
"Judy Carlin had endured months of chemotherapy and radiation that stole her hair and her energy. Her 154 bowling average slid, but she kept rolling - and smiling when her doctor said the lung cancer was in remission."

Lung Cancer Patients More Likely to be Eligible for Surgery After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Presented at ICACT
"Use of induction chemotherapy with doxetaxel plus carboplatin followed by concomitant chemotherapy/radiotherapy increases the number of patients who can undergo surgical resection for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to preliminary data presented here at the 18th International Congress on Anti-Cancer Treatment (ICACT)."

Being Small Has Its Advantages, Especially With Minimally Invasive Lung Surgery
"Lung tumor removal is a two-finger job if they are the thin fingers on the surgical right hand of Dr. Jasleen Kukreja of the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center."

Week Ending February 4th

Three Sports Legends Team Up to Battle #1 Cancer Killer
Lung Cancer Alliance Launches National Public Awareness Campaign
"Three of the most recognized names in professional sports are teaming up in the fight against the nation's number-one cancer killer -- lung cancer."

Dose-intensive Chemotherapy Improves Survival for Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer
"According to an article recently published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, intensified doses of the chemotherapy regimen referred to as ICE (ifosfamide, carboplatin, and etoposide) improve median survival compared to standard doses of ICE in the treatment of small cell lung cancer (SCLC)."

Cancer Report Shows Early Lung Cancer Screening Will Save Lives
"A recent report by the American Cancer Society is strong evidence in support of widespread use of early lung cancer diagnostic testing to save lives, according to John Cousins, President of Biomoda, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM, maker of early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology."

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Initial Results From Phase 2 Small Cell Lung Cancer Trial With SNS-595
"Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Initial Results From Phase 2 Small Cell Lung Cancer Trial With SNS-595."

Coughing Up Lung Cancer
"What you cough up in the morning could help diagnose lung cancer, according to research conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine."

Biomoda, Inc., Maker of Early Lung Cancer Detection Test, Joins BIOCOM
"Biomoda, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM, maker of early lung cancer detection testing and other cancer diagnostic technology, announced its membership in BIOCOM, a premier life science industry association that focuses on capital formation, public policy, workforce development, and scientific discovery and development."

Island Company to Make Experimental Lung Cancer Drug
"A P.E.I. pharmaceutical company has signed a contract to make an experimental lung cancer drug for human clinical testing."

National Lung Cancer Partnership/LUNGevity Foundation Announce Career Development Award Recipient
The National Lung Cancer Partnership and the LUNGevity Foundation are pleased to announce that Dr. Michele Cote of Wayne State University was awarded the organization's Career Development Award."

SwedishAmerican Announces the Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Center
"SwedishAmerican Health System has begun a Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Center (MLCC). The MLCC is a group of specialists brought together to evaluate patients with known or suspected lung tumors in a timely and coordinated manner."

Plea From a Dying Woman: Get a Second Opinion
"We have all seen the movies about tragic, terminally ill young women or men poignantly living the last few years of their life, some with abandon, most in struggle. Films like ‘Dying Young’ or ‘Love Story’ come to mind. They are usually romantic and touching. "


Week Ending January 28, 2007

Cancer Survivor Pushes Smoking Ban
"As the governor proposes a three-part anti-smoking initiative for the state, one cancer survivor stresses its significance. Lung cancer survivor Paul Decker from Hartland, Wisconsin, had no reason to be victimized by a smoking disease."

INGN 241 in Combination with Avastin Results in Complete Tumor Regression in Lung Cancer
"Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. announced today the publication of data in Molecular Therapy, the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy, highlighting the results of a preclinical study with INGN 241 in combination with Avastin."

ISU Loses One of Its Own to Lung Cancer
"Marilyn Miller Boyd, coordinator of the International House and advisor for the Global Review program passed away Monday after a battle with cancer."

Antibody Holds Promise Against Lung Cancer
"A new antibody may be effective against both mutated forms of a protein linked to lung cancer, U.S. researchers report."

Cancer Patients Lose Seven-Year Battle Against KT&G
"Lung cancer patients have lost the first class action suit against a tobacco firm in Korea after a seven-year battle."

Swedes Opens Cancer Center
"Swedish-American Health System wants to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to lung cancer patients to streamline and improve care."

Scientists: Cuts Hurt Cancer Research - Cancer Researchers Worry That Progress Will End Because Of Proposed Budget Cuts

"For eight months, Joni Grandin, who never smoked, has been receiving an experimental treatment for advanced lung cancer, thanks to a federally funded clinical trial at the University of North Carolina, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric reports."

Code Blue for Lung Cancer Forum
The Forum is a panel discussion and features: Julia Cartwright, SVP Communications, The American Legacy Foundation Gerardine Wurzburg, Academy Award® winning producer & director, State of the Art, Inc. Bertha Mitchell Smith, Director of Chicago Urban League, and the wives of two former smokers now struggling with lung cancer who are featured in the documentary CODE BLUE FOR LUNG CANCER."

Report Calls for Focus on Lung Cancer in Women
"Greater awareness and more research dollars need to go toward lung cancer, particularly as it affects women, according to a new report."

Potential Solution to Cetuximab-Resistance in Lung Cancers
"We think the 806 antibody might benefit those patients who respond to cetuximab but, more importantly, might also be effective for those patients who don't."

John Arthur, 60, Dies from Lung Cancer
"After a long and arduous battle with lung cancer, John Arthur, the renowned professor of philosophy and director of Binghamton University’s philosophy, politics and law program, died Monday."

Week Ending January 21, 2007

Radon May Cause Up to 20,000 Deaths from Lung Cancer per Year in the U.S
"The US Surgeon General, US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Radon Program at the Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) recommend that all homes be tested for radon."

Tobacco Tug of War Smolders at Capitol [Mississippi]
Lobbyists on both sides of tax-hike issue warm up to legislators."

Nanotechnology Used to Fight Lung Cancer
"U.S. scientists say gene therapy delivered in lipid-based nanoparticles can reduce the number and size of human, non-small cell lung cancer in mice."

Bristol Scientists Target Cancer Spread
"Researchers at a medical research firm affiliated to the University of Bristol say that they have identified a new method of fighting the spread of cancer."

Blues Guitarist Jeff Healey Recovering from Lung Cancer Surgery
"The Toronto-based blues-rock musician Jeff Healey is recovering from surgery to remove cancerous tissue from both lungs."

Dual Gene Therapy Suppresses Lung Cancer in Preclinical Test
"Combination gene therapy delivered in lipid-based nanoparticles drastically reduces the number and size of human non-small cell lung cancer tumors in mice, researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center report in the Jan. 15 edition of Cancer Research."

Lung Cancer Circle of Hope Urges New Jersey Residents to Test Home for Radon
"The Lung Cancer Circle of Hope (LCCH) urges residents to test their homes for radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer, during January—National Radon Action Month."

WWII Veteran Beat Axis & Cancer
"Jack Moran (l.), 83, beams at nurse Liz Kula as Dr. Robert Downey looks on. After a long operation by Downey, Moran, a World War II vet, is now cancer-free."

Montenegrin Premier Sturanovic Has [Lung] Cancer
"Montenegrin Prime Minister Zeljko Sturanovic confirmed that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer, Podgorica newspapers reported Friday."

Again, No Rosy Scenario for Lung Cancer
"Today, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) expressed disappointment with the American Cancer Society's (ACS) portrayal of lung cancer in its recently released publication, CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, and its companion piece, Cancer Facts & Figures. While ACS points out that "cancer deaths are down for a second year," this is not true for lung cancer, which accounts for 30% of all cancer deaths."

Minute’s Silence for Councillor Geoff, 55
"Cumbria county councillors have paid tribute to their colleague Geoff Hodgson, who died from lung cancer last month aged 55."

Crowe DVD Part of Non-Smoking Week
"Heather Crowe may have died last year, but anti-smoking groups hope the legacy of the Ottawa waitress struck down by lung cancer will live on."

New Sputum Test to Detect Genetic Signs Of Lung Cancer
"Scientist are developing an affordable sputum test to detect genetic signs of lung cancer in current and former non-smokers at an early stage. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine say they have identified 76 percent of stage-one lung cancer patients whose tumors showed the loss of two genes believed to be tumor suppressers."

NASCAR Community Honors Benny Parsons
"Benny Parsons was remembered by the NASCAR community Friday for everything from his gift of gab, voracious appetite, love of golf and skill on the race track… Parsons, the 1973 Cup champion and an award-winning NASCAR broadcaster, died Tuesday from complications stemming from his brief battle with lung cancer. He was 65."

Week Ending 1/14/07

Lung Cancer: Overlooked, Underfunded
"When researchers announced a few weeks ago that rates for breast cancer had dropped a staggering 7 percent between 2002 and 2003, the news was hailed by an advocacy movement that has fought tirelessly in the past few decades to raise awareness and money for a cure."

Emory University Receives Largest Private Donation in Georgia History to Fund Lung Cancer Research
"Today, the largest donation from a single event to benefit lung cancer research in Georgia was provided to Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta."

Curry Could Help Stave Off Cancer
"A curry a day could stave off cancer, according to new research."

Introgen Says Therapy Induces Lung Cancer Cell Death
"Introgen Therapeutics Inc. said a preclinical study showed that its cancer therapy INGN 241 causes human lung cancer cells to undergo cell death."

North Korea’s Paek Nam-sun Died of Lung Cancer
"North Korea’s foreign minister, who was believed to have suffered from chronic kidney problems, died of lung cancer, a North Korean newspaper reported Wednesday."

Asuragen Licenses Yale miRNA Inventions with Potential in Lung Cancer
"Asuragen gained exclusive access to Yale University’s inventions developed by Frank Slack, Ph.D., for the regulation of oncogenes by microRNA's. "

AstraZeneca Announces Recentin As Global Trademark For Novel Cancer Treatment, AZD2171
"AstraZeneca today announced RECENTIN™ as the global trademark for AZD2171, its oral, highly potent and selective vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signalling inhibitor."

Marquette Hospital Seeks Lung Cancer Patients for Nationwide Drug Trial
"The Marquette General Cancer Center is participating in a nationwide clinical trial to test a new drug in lung cancer."

Cell Therapeutics Seeks Special Protocol OK for Cancer Drug
"Cell Therapeutics Inc. said it filed for a special protocol assessment with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the design of its late-stage trial of Xyotax for women with advanced lung cancer."

Physical Activity May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk in Female Smokers
"Researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania have reported that physical activity may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer in current and former smokers. The details of this study appeared in the December 2006 issue of Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention."

Lung Cancer Vaccine Enters Large-Scale Clinical Trial
"A new treatment for the most common form of lung cancer, developed from initial research by Cancer Research UK scientists, has entered a pivotal phase III clinical trial. "

Benny Parsons in Hospital for Lung Cancer
"On Sunday, longtime NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton died after a battle with head and neck cancer. His cancer was diagnosed in February 2006. He was 49. It has also been reported that former NASCAR champion Benny Parsons has been in intensive care for two weeks at Carolinas Medical Center due to complications arising from lung cancer.

DeWitt Says He Has [Lung]Cancer
"State Rep. Charlie DeWitt said he has early-stage lung cancer and plans to have surgery in the coming week to have it removed."

Novel Approach to Cancer Drug Given Major Boost
"Scientists at the ProXara Biotechnology Limited have identified a way of switching off one of the key mechanisms that leads to the development and growth of a tumour."

Week Ending 1/4/07

Smokers Quit Because Of Tax
"Because of a dollar-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes, the habit is now more expensive. Voters approved the tax in November's election, and it took effect yesterday."

Biomira Shares Up as Trials Opened for Cancer Treatments
"Drug developer Biomira (TSX:BRA) announced Tuesday it has opened global trials for its lung and pancreatic cancer treatments."

Doctors Hope Drug Can Prevent Lung Cancer
"Lung cancer strikes more than 170,000 people each year. It's the number one cancer killer. But a new drug may prevent the cancer from ever happening."

Gene Test May Help Lung Cancer Patients
"Scientists in Taiwan have developed a simple, five-gene test aimed at showing which lung cancer patients most need chemotherapy, as similar tests now do for people with breast cancer and lymphoma."

People with AIDS Have Increased Lung Cancer Risk, and It's Not All Due to Smoking
"People with AIDS are much more likely than the general population to develop lung cancer, American researchers report in the January 11th edition of AIDS."

Phase 3 Trial for Lung-Cancer Drug Begun
"U.S. firm Poniard Pharmaceuticals has gotten the OK to begin a Phase 3 clinical trial of a chemotherapy drug for small-cell lung cancer."

Molecular Signatures of Lung Cancer — Toward Personalized Therapy
"Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in the world. Relapses are frequent after primary and adjuvant therapy and often evolve into lethal metastatic disease."

New Lung Cancer Weapon Studied
"For biologist Ruth Gjerset, curing lung cancer may require concealing a weapon in a kind of Trojan horse."

Lung Cancer Questions Linger - Studies Test Ability to Detect Cancer
"Bambi MacRae never fretted about getting lung cancer. She stopped smoking more than 40 years ago when she was in her 20s. As a flight attendant, she inhaled others' smoke aplenty, but she quit that job in 1967."

Radon Heightens Risk of Lung Cancer
"Preventing lung cancer can be as simple as administering a free home test, says the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR)."

BioVectra to Manufacture Helix’ Lung Cancer Candidate
"Helix BioPharma signed an agreement with BioVectra to manufacture L-DOS47 bulk drug product for clinical testing in patients with adenocarcinoma of the lung."

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